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Murdering of the Turkish citizen of Armenian origin Hrant Dink sparked great response in the world community. It is interesting that Armenains and their masterminds never mentioned Turkish diplomats, civilians killed during many years by Armenian terrorist groups including Dashnaktsutyun, Asala. The memory of Turkish soldiers and citizens who fell victims of terror was not revered in this way.

Turkish newspaper headlines everyday feature names of people killed by terror, disasters etc. Among them are Turks, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Lazs, Cherkes, Karapapaks and others. In this case, a question emerges: why don’t Armenians take the streets to commemorate those people? Weren’t those killed the humans? Should they have been Armenians, leftists or dissidents to be remembered? Is there something unusual that one of victims of terror or disaster is of Armenian descent? Can’t Armenians be killed? Does this nation have divine immunity? Must the death discriminate on the grounds of nationality or religion? Can’t one of 30 thousand Turkish citizens who fell victims of terror be the Armenian? Should 70-million Turkey guard a few thousands of Armenians in order to prevent anyone from harming a hair on their heads? Aren’t sharing sorrow, pain and reaping benefits of the country of residence considered the moral and civil duty?

This action of some Turkish citizens protesting because of humane reasons against the killing of Hrant Dink was hailed by Armenians and their masterminds. There is the question how many representatives of the Armenian intelligentsia flocked to the streets in Yerevan with slogans “We are all Turks killed by Armenians”, “We are all Talat Pasha” in order to commemorate murdered Talat Pasha? In general, can they stage such a rally?

How many Armenians swarmed into the square to say “We are all from Khojaly” when Azerbaijanis rallied in the Istanbul square Taxim in commemoration of Khojaly genocide victims? Why were so-called humanists staging rallies in memory of Hrant Dink silent? Since Armenians who live in Turkey and earn daily bread there demand that Turks recognize the genocide in fact not committed by them and apologize for it, then, why don’t they feel the need to apologize for the genocide committed before the eyes of all? Is it the Armenian humanity? Is it the Armenian justice? In addition, Armenians seek normalization of relationship with Turkey, opening of borders. What benefits will this exaggeration and politicization of this issue bring? On the contrary, doesn’t it undermines the atmosphere of confidence and exacerbates the situation?

What is one to make of this? Am I supposed to share your pain? Why don’t you want to share my pain? On the contrary, you do not stand my suffering the pain. If you had a possibility you would even prohibit it for me.

How could one nation be so hypocrite? They did not only apologize for the genocide committed but also did not fail to mislead the public opinion using Sumgait developments organized by themselves.

Conscience is not what comes with education and experience. It must be inherent or absent at all like in Armenians.

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