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Baku, 06 March 2013 –
Non-intervention into internal affairs of other states happens to be one of the key principles of the international law. Political observer Vadim Dubnov has trampled that very principle and paid unauthorized by the official Baku visit to Nagorno Karabakh. Sordid purpose of this visit was none other than writing a fictitious article about this region of Azerbaijan. Such articles are frequently authored by those envious of the present state of relations between the Russia and Azerbaijan and are aimed at causing rift in those relations.
Azerbaijan-Russia relations are successfully developing both in bilateral and multilateral dimensions. Therefore, positions of certain circles in Russia that reveal their corrupt intensions and unwillingness to accept high-profile relations between the two countries are deeply regretful.
Apparently, ties between Azerbaijan and Russia that have come a long way for the past 2 decades and have become the ones of strategic partnership, are "stuck in the throat” of the likes of Vladimir Jirinovski and Vladimir Dubnov.
Vladimir Dubnov is an official figure. However, his statements on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict contradict Russia’s official position. Nevertheless, he is defiant. Yet another testimony of his shameful attitude were his views voiced in the capacity of a political columnist for Russia’s state news agency "RIA Novosti”, namely his article published on latter’s website (see Карабах за 25 лет научился быть непризнанным., 25 February, 2013).
In this article the author alleges that Armenian state has established itself in Karabakh during past 25 years, and attempts to paint a picture in this absurd context. Regardless of his lyrical-literary method of portrayal, he fails to disguise his bias. And he does his utmost to achieve the objective. Content of the article and its logic reveals that V. Dubnov disregards international law, political realities and even the nature of ongoing processes in Russia itself, only to serve the interests of some client. His arguments are spurious, as he is unable to substantiate his positive ideas voiced about Armenian separatists.
His writing is the accumulation of totally unrelated and detached paragraphs. At the outset he introduces a conflicting portrayal of the life of the separatists in the Nagorno Karabakh. He mentions that due to unresolved conflict Armenians can’t find comfort, as they expect Azerbaijan attacking them any moment. On the other hand, they are defiant and attend their daily issues. They have even constructed a modern airport serving the purpose of boosting tourism. Therefore, author concludes, albeit unrecognized by the international community, Armenians have managed to establish their statehood in Karabakh, and that is the most important aspect.
Unanswered questions and errors of clumsy columnist
Although Dubnov happens to be an official figure, his views are the classic examples of stupidity and amateurship. The establishment of a state must equally address the domestic and external factors. What state are we talking about, if a given entity is unrecognized and considered illegitimate by the international community? According to Dubnov, separatists have no budget, they receive aid from Armenia. Think of state without a budget…
Moreover, how the depiction of a social life of people in certain location attest to the existence of a state? Then, there are tens of independent states in Russia, France, Germany, China and the U.S. Being far from a unitary state, Dubnov’s absurd allegations are detrimental to the very statehood of Russia.
What if one day Azerbaijani journalist decides to write about Chechnya, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Urals, Siberia and other regions of Russia describing them as independent states? Unlike Nagorno Karabakh, those regions enjoy social-economic infrastructure, communication links, and airport and railroad hubs. Apparently, this apology for a columnist may visit those regions and depict them as "independent states”. If that is not the case then what are the motives behind prying into an Azerbaijani province?
Let us remind Mr. Dubnov that his is representing an official media outlet. Reality must not be distorted. He fails to realize that his publication contradicts Russia’s official position and by far is damaging for his country. Therefore, reminder of several aspects would be useful here. Russia, Mr. Dubnov, is the co-chair of the Minsk Group of the OSCE and for years has engaged the issue of the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Given the fact, how your outlook on Nagorno Karabakh may be projected onto the modern history of your country? Do you realize how dangerous and hazardous are your ideas? Let us suggest that Nikolay Bordyuja does not view Russia as a unitary state, and Jirinovski changes thousands of disguises to achieve his political goals. What is in it for you? Were you able to achieve yours?
Should this be a deliberate act, let it be known that your provocative posture will gain you nothing. You argue that Armenians are acutely aware how helpless they are without Moscow. They would cease to exist once stripped of Russia’s assistance. Then, whose independence you are describing in Nagorno Karabakh, mister political observer? Does it mean that separatist regime in Nagorno Karabakh has its strings attached to Kremlin? But Russia is a co-chairman of the Minsk Group of the OSCE. Deriving from your logic, Russia conducts fabricated and biased geopolitical games in the South Caucasus?
In light of these questions, Dubnov also expresses his position to the foreign policy concept of a country he his officially representing. Concept by the way mentions integration, respect of the international law and non-interference into domestic affairs of others. Whom should we believe then; Russia’s President, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apology for columnist who represents official media outlet "RIA Novosti”? May be he could respond to this question?
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