Another primitiveness: Armenian-style "analysis" of visa-free regime

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Baku, 26 July 2019 –

As the world is globalizing, even countries that are far away from each other are striving to ensure visa-free movement of their citizens. There is the Schengen Area in Europe. CIS countries also introduced a visa-free regime. Many states around the globe apply visa-free travel on a mutual basis. And the process is expanding. A couple of days ago the Azerbaijani leadership made a historic decision to grant Turkish citizens the right to stay in the country for a month without getting a visa. The news was welcomed positively by all normal people. But the Armenian media and experts interpreted the event in a biased and silly manner. A deeper look at the situation reveals real reasons behind Armenians` ridiculous and uncivil attitude. This article will analyze the Armenian media`s position visa-free regime between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Globalization: official Yerevan`s counter-reaction

One of the signs of globalization is that people enjoy freedom of travel. This principle is enshrined in the European Union`s new strategy. Citizens of all countries shall have the right to travel freely to any part of the world. Global processes necessitate transparency in this process. From this perspective, introduction of visa-free regime between different states is welcomed as a positive step.

It is evidenced by visa-free regime among CIS countries, within the Eurasian Economic Union, within the EU and among a number of states. Georgian citizens can freely travel to Turkey and EU countries. Russia is now engaged in talks to cancel visa regime for several countries. President Vladimir Putin has recently announced that a certain group of Turkish citizens will be able to stay in Russia without a visa for three months.

In the South Caucasus, Azerbaijani and Armenian citizens can freely travel to Georgia. Iran introduced visa-free regime for Azerbaijani citizens in a unilateral manner. For some reasons Azerbaijan could not introduce visa-free regime for Turkish and Iranian citizens. Under any circumstances, the introduction of visa-free travel should be welcomed as a positive factor.

Azerbaijan annulled the facilitated visa regime for Turkish citizens. In fact, the decision was preceded by the known decision of Russia. Obviously, citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and Russia will be able to move freely in a large geopolitical area. However, Georgian citizens` travelling to Russia is an exception as the two countries experience a visa problem. But Turkish citizens can travel to Georgia and then further to Russia or Azerbaijan without getting a visa. They can also freely visit Iran and Iraq. So Armenia will be a white crow among all these countries.

The Armenian media interpreted the Azerbaijani government’s decision to annul visa regime for Turkish citizens in a very silly and biased manner, which points to their backwardness. They either speak of the Iranian resistance or put absurd claims to Nakhchivan, or call Azerbaijan`s decision to cancel visa regime for Turkish citizens a mythic "phobia''.

Indeed, this last Armenian "argument'' was extraordinary for its primitiveness and incivility. Just imagine that a country introduces visa-free regime for another country, and the third country is looking for signs of phobia here. In fact, phobia lies deep in the minds and emotions of those who think so. Sick with the genocide idea, they do not want to recognize fundamental human rights. They do not realize that among Turkish citizens are also those of Armenian origins. What phobia will they have while visiting Azerbaijan without a visa?

Human rights: Armenia is grossly violating human rights of its citizens!

Of course, such absurd and primitive claims could have been ignored. But the matter is that international organizations do not react even to such primitive claims of Armenians. On the one hand, they speak of a united world, but on the other, they turn a blind eye to inhumane activities of the Armenian media.

The Armenian media and experts are now trying their best to create an impression as if Iran was dissatisfied with Azerbaijan`s decision. Sometimes their logic is patently absurd. For example, they "found a genius linkage'' between an Iranian ship that sunk in the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan`s decision to grant Turkish citizens visa-free travel. How blind and biased a human being can be? But a deeper look at the issue reveals the real reason behind the cheap Armenian character.

The point is that there is no second country in the region which is so much isolated like Armenia. It is fully dependent on Moscow. Iran does not seek closeness with Armenia because of the Western factor. Turkey`s relations with Armenia are well-known. Yerevan has certain relationship with Tbilisi, but it is Armenia`s biased attitude that obstructs the development of this relationship.

Armenian citizens have less travel freedom in the South Caucasus in comparison with other countries of the region that are expanding visa-free regime. This proves that international law confirms the existence of serious human rights problems in Armenia, which the country claims to advocate. More precisely, the Armenian government is violating rights and freedoms of its citizens. What are regular citizens blame for that they are not allowed to travel to Azerbaijan or Turkey? Regular Armenians should have the right to travel to other countries. But Armenians are deprived of this opportunity because of official Yerevan`s policy of aggression against Azerbaijan. The Armenian government`s policy therefore encourages violation of citizens` rights.

It seems that Yerevan realizes this and therefore tries to link a regular visa issue to different geopolitical factors. But the more they do on this front, the more ridiculous their situation is. Nowadays the Armenian society is isolated from all sides. Yerevan has certain restrictions in relation to Iran because of the American factor. Armenia does not have a common border with Russia. Georgia-Russia relations are not normal. And with Azerbaijan all ways are blocked. With Turkey, Armenians have visa-free regime, but Yerevan puts barriers at the official level. Armenian citizens wanted to bring goods from Turkey were recently arrested and ill-treated. What a manifestation of "Armenian tolerance'' and "Armenian democracy''.

The reality is that the Armenian leadership is no longer able to give normal explanation to citizens on ordinary issues. Nikol Pashinyan is already running out of his tricks such as velvet revolution. What they have is just words without any deeds. There are no signs of any socio-economic progress in Armenia. This is why unlike the entire world, Armenians are trying to draw biased political conclusions from Azerbaijan`s cancellation of visa regime with Turkey.

On the other hand, the Armenian leadership`s recent provocative action in Nagorno-Karabakh shows that they have completely lost common sense. They reveal plans to lay new roads to Nagorno-Karabakh, rather than withdrawing their forces from Azerbaijan`s occupied lands. Armenia is the aggressor and violated international law, but co-chairs do not react to such provocations. Why? It is a question. If we speak of the settlement of the conflict in accordance with international law, then the aggressor must be warned and stopped. But if the main goal is to distract Azerbaijan`s attention using international legal norms as a pretext or to create additional opportunities for the aggressor, then those responsible must be held accountable. If some think that they will delay the settlement of the conflict by using general terms such as "no to war'' and "yes to talks'', they are completely mistaken.

Armenians and their patrons are dragging the process to dead end. They want war and will receive it. When Azerbaijan`s army will kick hell out of the Armenian occupying forces, no one will help them.

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