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Baku, 29 April 2021 –

Now those who put pressure on Turkey using false Armenian claims are the ones who were defeated in the war with the Ottoman state. These forces then wanted to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and destroy it as a state. Thus, they wanted to wipe off Turkey the political map of the world. From those battles, the Republic of Turkey was established, which was stronger, and more independent. Despite the loss of land, a democratic state was established in the territory of the Ottomans. This made the friends of Turkey happy, they considered him their friend, and their enemies are still digging a pit for the Republic.

By joining NATO, Turkey became a strategic ally of those who wanted to divide. In the next periods, the Turkish army acted together with its allies. The most obvious example of this is the Korean War. In 1950-1953, 23,000 servicemen took part in the Korean War. 734 Turkish soldiers were martyred, 2,147 were wounded and 234 were taken prisoner. 175 Turkish soldiers went missing. In recent years, Turkey, jointly with NATO and the United States, conducted counterterrorism operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and terrorist groups in Afghanistan. But in return for this alliance, the West has been waging a hybrid war against Turkey for years. Those who were defeated in Çanakkale are trying to relieve their pain.

In all leading member states of the European Union, including Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and others terrorists operate under the guise of the fanatics of the terrorist PKK and receive support from the countries where they are. However, the United States and the European Union, the countries we have mentioned and not mentioned, recognize the PKK as a terrorist group. This is a hypocritical approach of the Western political block.

Arming the terrorist group PKK / YPG-PYD in Syria with all kinds of weapons and military equipment shows that NATO's strategic allies, including the United States, are waging a hybrid war against Turkey. Because this terrorist group is a threat to the territorial integrity and population of Turkey. Then a question is arising: "What can be the name of those arming terrorists, which is a source of danger for a strategic ally, and providing them with military instructors?" Undoubtedly, the allies from the Western block are trying to weaken Turkey in this way and turn it into a dependent state. The military coups after the Second World War hindered the revival of Turkey. The Justice and Development Party, who came to power through democratic elections in 2001, gave the West’s game away. The prevention of a coup attempt in July 2015 proved this once again.

Turkey asked its Western allies for air defense systems to protect its airspace. In February 2013, the Patriot system was installed in the Turkish provinces of Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, and Adana. In 2017, after the lease of the complex expired, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands took the Patriots. Turkey's airspace again remained defenseless. Although NATO claimed to protect Turkish airspace, the entry of a Russian Su-25 into the airspace of this country in November 2015 proved that the Alliance is incapable of taking any steps in this regard. Following the well-known incident between Russia and Turkey, NATO almost left its ally on the field alone. In return for indifference to the security of its allies, Turkey bought the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system from Russia. After this, the United States imposed a series of sanctions on Ankara. Even Turkey was excluded from the F-35 project. So, the United States was not interested in protecting Turkish airspace. Otherwise, the Patriots would not be taken from the country. Because the war continues in Syria, which borders Turkey.

Turkey also welcomed the support of the United States and some European countries for Armenia. The opening of the Armenian-Turkish border in October 2009 and the signing of a protocol on the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries could be considered an indication of Ankara's goodwill. At that time, Turkey stated that it had signed the agreement on several conditions. Armenia should have renounced the false genocide and territorial claims to Turkey, as well as withdrawn from the occupied Azerbaijani lands. However, Yerevan and its sponsors did not take steps to implement this previously agreed issue. Therefore, Turkey did not ratify the protocol.

Following the statement signed on November 10, 2020, new conditions have emerged in the region, which created a new opportunity for cooperation between regional states. Turkey also supported these steps taken to ensure peace and security in the South Caucasus. So, Ankara is trying to normalize relations with Armenia. However, due to the deceitfulness of Armenia, the provisions of the document are not being implemented. The Armenian army is still in Karabakh, and the Armenians are delaying the opening of the Zangazur transport corridor. As the Armenians placed mines in the territories during the occupation, it is difficult for Azerbaijani IDPs to return to their homes.

US President Joseph Biden's support for Armenian forgery is fueling the conflict in the South Caucasus. The fact that the United States unjustly defends the Armenians – one of the two sides in the conflict – serves the confrontation between the parties. Even, in the center of Los Angeles, radical Dashnak Armenians from the Armenian Youth Federation and the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) "executed" an Azerbaijani mannequin wrapped in the Azerbaijani flag with calls for ethnic violence. Burning the national flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the United States also incites ethnic conflict. It can be concluded that Joseph Biden opposes the rapprochement of Turkey and Azerbaijan with Armenia, the normalization of relations between the states, and, finally, the security in the South Caucasus.

Thus, the support of Biden and other allies of Turkey to the false Armenian claims is based on pressure on official Ankara. In this way, they are trying to hinder Turkey's independence. But as the pain and difficulty of Azerbaijan are the pain and difficulty of Turkey, the pain and difficulty of Turkey are the pain and difficulty of Azerbaijan. Therefore, Biden and others will not be able to "break" Turkey, the US ally in NATO, with groundless Armenian ideas. Joseph Biden, 78, is supporting conflicts, helping to create and intensify inter-ethnic unrest instead of serving peace, cooperation, and security in the world. The US President also discriminates against us by creating comfort for Armenian citizens. In his statement, he played with the pride of Turkish and Azerbaijani citizens and did not consider them Americans. Unfortunately, Biden, whose 100-day presidency has not ended yet, is already remembered as the head of state who caused the unrest and supported it. In any case, the US attitude to Turkey is contradictory. It puts pressure on its ally, either with the terrorist PKK or with fake Armenia. This can lead to distrust of the United States in the future.

Sadraddin Ismayilov

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