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Baku, November 14 –

Armenia believes that foreign powers that have so far endorsed the country will render that support forever. However, let us not forget that nothing is everlasting in life, and for every beginning, there is an ending.

Internationally community is acutely and perfectly aware of everything. Regrettably, international law nowadays is not at all enforced as stipulated in the documents, but often than not becomes a victim of geopolitical interests of the superpowers.

How do you picture your future when you ignore principles of justice, when you fail to uphold the interests of the people, institution or organization you preside over, or the society? This is the question I wish to forward to the authorities in Yerevan.

Since immemorial times, the Armenians have applied, come across and appropriate it, policy. They have always demonstrated a keen interest towards something not theirs, at times succeeding to deceive the public opinion.

They maintain the so-called “Armenian genocide” issue high on the agenda, deflecting international community’s attention from the country, and do not refrain from any sordid actions to that end. As if, there are the only inhabitants of this planet and the entire world should succumb to their matters. What about the genocide perpetrated by the Armenian aggressors in Khojali? Why the exact patrons of Armenia have neglected or failed to address the issue in a timely manner? Terror and combating terrorism have gained their urgency upon the heinous acts of terror committed in the U.S on September the 11th, 2001. Presently, the issue of terrorism is widely spoken about, and certain countries stand ready to dedicate their foreign policies to the cause. It is a righteous stand as no manifestation of terrorism must be condoned. Then why international community had turned a blind eye to the genocide perpetrated by the Armenian terrorists in Khojali? Why did the righteous judgment never follow? Why were not those crimes of Armenian bigots and ideologists exposed? Seemingly, Armenian deceits and scams are held above the norms and principles of international law.

As if this was not tragic enough, they have laid their eyes on lands, culture and history of other countries and nations. They have occupied historical lands of Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh and seven adjacent districts, committed ethnic cleansing in those areas, and expelled over one million of residents from their indigenous lands, making them refugees and internally displaced persons. Now that is what I call terror. It is under the pretext of international law that large countries deploy military contingencies and interfere into domestic affairs of others. However, once encountered with Armenian atrocity, Armenian brutality and Armenian terror norms and principles of international law are futile.

Are not the patrons of Armenia and its arms suppliers aware of the ramifications? They could not care less about Armenia, but rather about their own geopolitical interests.

Possibly, you may appear to be a partner or an ally to someone. Armenians ought to know that partnerships and alliances may crumble along with the altering global balance of power. Historically, those, once sharing a common trench, at times were forced to face one another.

Armenian officials use international fora to decry violation of rights of its citizens, dire implications of war, lack of stability in the region, and going far out of their way accusing Azerbaijan of what befell on Armenia. Who stands behind the human rights violations in Armenia and lack of stability in the region? Armenian authorities pursuing a policy of aggression are ultimately to blame for external debt growth, deteriorating welfare, unemployment, obstruction of freedom of speech, and mass exodus of its citizens, domestic divisions and lack of stability in the region.

Supported by their foreign patrons Armenians aim to impede at all cots Azerbaijan’s growing prominence on the intentional arena. Howard Berman and Bred Sherman have voiced sordid accusations against Azerbaijan in an attempt to gain Armenian votes in their constituency for the elections to U.S. Congress. Both have urged the U.S. government and NATO to halt cooperation with Azerbaijan, expressing their displeasure with military acquisitions, by the way conducted in full compliance with the international law, and financial aid to the country.

Are not those congressmen aware of the Armenian financial aid, far exceeding the amount rendered to Azerbaijan, and of the weaponry gratuitously provided by the “friendly states”? Certainly they are. However, acting upon the Armenian directives this people view the matters through sunglasses. These individuals are morphed into leading actors of a play staged based on globally acknowledged Armenian duplicity and deception. Every spectator, including Armenians, realizes that tragedy will be the closing scene of this play.

Interests of the states change along with the world. Under the circumstances partners and allies also change. A state with deceit in its very foundation has neither the past nor the future. Authorities in Yerevan perfectly recognize that and attempt to mislead the nation, persistently promising better future. Those unwilling to be a part of an insidious game seek salvation by fleeing the country.

Dire situation of the country’s economy is obvious. Most recently Armenia made the headlines by selling the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some observers believe that Armenian government will thus be able to construct a new ministry building, with the rest of the funds spent on welfare issues. I suggest those people to wake up. Sale of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a testament to fiasco.

A person aspires to cherish something valuable, something precious throughout the life because this means the world to that individual. The only cherished notion in Armenia is clinging to power. It is more often than not that Armenian leaders have attempted to preserve power at the expense of others.

Asif Babayev

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