Macron's France – biased co-chair state supports aggressor

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Baku, 2 October 2020 –

The counter-offensive operation to liberate the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan continues. Separatists' appetite in Karabakh and Armenia has increased due to the incomplete activity of those who mediated in the settlement of conflict for thirty years.

France also plays the role of the most prominent patron of the Armenians, who continue separatism and occupation policy. Armenia and France have staged a show over a journalist's injury from the Parisian newspaper Le Monde, who illegally entered Azerbaijan's territory. The news, however, has no evidence yet. Therefore, an employee of Le Monde could legally watch the fighting from the Azerbaijani side. The question is: what does he do in Karabakh? From which country did he get a visa to enter the territory of Karabakh?

Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated that our forces do not open fire on civilians and objects. So, an incident with a journalist is a game. French President Emmanuel Macron's speech gives hints about it. He intended to send a plane after the wounded journalist in Karabakh. Given the developments of recent years, Armenia is taking advantage of these events. When the earthquake hit Spitak in 1988, Armenia received tremendous humanitarian aid from abroad. Later, it became clear that "humanitarian aid" included military supplies. Therefore, the plane that the French president intends to send is insecure.

Yet there is another side of the picture. Most importantly, the flight to Karabakh without Baku's official permission is a violation of Azerbaijan's airspace. That is to say, air border violation by France must be considered as an aggression. There is another fact that Emmanuel Macron unequivocally supports Armenia. On September 27, he claimed that "Azerbaijan started the attack." Defending Armenia, Emmanuel Macron later said: "Independence and people of Armenia must be respected."

Apparently, as the co-chairing state leader, the French president is so "closely" interested in the conflict that he does not know the location of Nagorno-Karabakh. Otherwise, he would not talk about the sovereignty of Armenia and its people. Nagorno-Karabakh is the land of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's sovereign rights have been violated in these lands, and Azerbaijani citizens have become refugees. 19 Azerbaijani civilians were killed by Armenian fire.

Emmanuel Macron is not doing this out of his love for Armenians. He is already preparing for the April 2022 presidential election and tries to use Armenians in this matter.

France has been a catalyst for anti-Islamic, anti-Turkish sentiment for nearly 300 years.

History has not forgotten France's inhumane actions in Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The insult to the dignity of Muslims in Charlie Hebdo is clear evidence. France has become a base for terrorist organizations such as ASALA and the PKK. Macron also helped Armenia keep up the lie about terrorists allegedly brought from Syria by Azerbaijan to fight in Karabakh. Emmanuel Macron and like-minded people, government officials who circulate this lie, disregard the Azerbaijani people's patriotism. Tens of thousands of young people have volunteered to fight and appeal to military commissariats to liberate their lands.

If Macron and government officials had such a fact in their hands, they would have spread it by the media, that has long been under their control. As they did not have the evidence, the French president blackmailed Azerbaijan in this way.

Macron plays a peace campaigner when it comes to Armenians. How quickly did Emmanuel Macron forget the genocide committed by France in Algeria? It seems ridiculous that the head of a democratic state like France uses Armenians to realize it's Christian fanaticism and political ambitions.

Finally, France is one of the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. The country must take a neutral position on resolving the conflict. But, unfortunately, Macron's speeches, his defense of Armenia, contradict the mission of France. France is not a mediator in the Karabakh issue, but a supporter of the aggressor.

Sadraddin Ismayilov

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