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Baku, 5 November 2018 –

Azerbaijan successfully hosted the 6th Baku International Humanitarian Forum. This time the motto of the event addressed creativity and human development. These issues were discussed in the context of humanity. The two-day forum brought together hundreds of delegates from different parts of the world. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made a comprehensive speech at the event. One of the reasons why the forum was important was that turbulence in the South Caucasus has increased amid certain forces` attempts to aggravate the situation. Against this background Armenia tried to host a pseudo-humanitarian event. But it has produced no results. Meanwhile, Baku International Humanitarian Forum addressed a range of pressing issues of global concern. In this context, we would like to look at the geopolitical significance of the Baku Forum.

Land of Fire: land of solidarity and tolerance

Azerbaijan has so far hosted a number of high-profile international events. Among them are globally-recognized UN Global Alliance of Civilizations Forum, Summit of Religious Leaders of the World, Forum on Intercultural Dialogue and Baku International Humanitarian Forum. These events focus on problems relating to inter-civilizational, inter-faith and intercultural dialogue, education, science, healthcare, environment and others. Indeed, Azerbaijan has transformed into the center where global humanitarian problems are addressed.

The 6th Baku International Humanitarian Forum, which was held on October 25-26, enjoys global recognition. It was founded on the Azerbaijani and Russian presidents` initiative. Global interest in this very successful debate platform is growing yearly. This year the forum was attended by more than 580 delegates from more than 90 countries and 24 international organizations, including 15 parliamentarians from more than 40 countries, heads of diplomatic missions of 46 countries, heads of numerous companies, scientists and experts.

Held under the motto "Shaping a New World and a New Humanity: Creativity and Human Development'', the forum heard more than 150 presentations at different sessions and panel meetings. The forum focused on new creative ideas shaping the future of the world and the ways of their realization.

There are several reasons why this very topic was chosen for this edition of the forum. It is generally accepted that the importance of human factor has now considerably increased. Unfortunately, this has both positive and worrying aspects. Scientists believe that expanding creative human potential can play a major role in human development.

Wide discussion of this issue at the Baku International Humanitarian Forum is of crucial significance and represents a truly humanitarian approach to human development. Cultural, civil, humanitarian, moral and spiritual issues were discussed at the forum.

President Ilham Aliyev`s addressing the forum undoubtedly added importance to the event. The head of state in fact provided an insight into all the issues addressed by the forum. (see: 6th Baku International Humanitarian Forum kicks off. President Ilham Aliyev attends opening ceremony of the forum / AZERTAC, 25 October, 2018).

President Ilham Aliyev once again proved that Azerbaijan has full right to play host to such events: "Restoration and construction of temples of traditional religions, Catholic and Orthodox churches and synagogues, are a reality in Azerbaijan. This reality creates an excellent public setting in our country.'' (see: previous source).

Multiculturalism and national values: in search of harmony

The head of state went on to say: "Multiculturalism is a state policy in Azerbaijan. We are very attached to our national and religious traditions, we are committed to them, our national values play a special role in our future development. I can say that the modern Azerbaijani state rests on deep national values, national and spiritual values." (see: previous source).

This means that all the values conditioning human development are strictly protected in Azerbaijan. Cultural monuments belonging to different cultures are protected here, each person enjoys respect regardless of his or her religious background, the Azerbaijani society attaches great importance to national and moral values. Multiculturalism is the philosophy, way of life of Azerbaijanis.

At the same time "…we are open to the world. As I have already noted, Azerbaijan has become one of the centers of multiculturalism in the world, and this honorary status is already recognized by the world community. We wanted to show that multiculturalism in Azerbaijan is both a state policy and a way of life.'' (see: previous source).

This is why the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism was widely discussed at the Baku Forum. Specialists from different parts of the world once again made sure that it is possible to achieve quite positive results through elevating multiculturalism to the level of state policy, which proves wrongness of contradictory thoughts relating to multiculturalism voiced by certain forces. "We are seeing the fruition of multiculturalism in everyday life. The stability, civil and national accord existing in Azerbaijan today are based, among other things, on these values,'' said the President, which can be accepted as the slogan of the Baku International Humanitarian Forum. (see: previous source).

In fact, the President`s remarks comprehensively reflected all the humanitarian aspects of the problems discussed at the forum because every country and mankind in general is striving to ensure and protect stability, solidarity and all human values regardless of people`s race, religion or ethnicity. As a sovereign and independent state, Azerbaijan is proposing a concrete model of achieving this. In addition, the country itself has achieved concrete results by realizing this model.

This uniqueness is not featured in Azerbaijan`s internal policy only as official Baku`s great respect for humanitarian values is clearly obvious in the country`s foreign policy too. In this context, President Ilham Aliyev`s calling for just and peaceful resolution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be emphasized. Ilham Aliyev rightly highlighted this issues in the context of a humanitarian disaster. The head of state said: "…we attach great importance to humanitarian cooperation. These issues are always on the agenda – both in a bilateral format with friendly countries and within the framework of international organizations. At the same time, we ourselves are faced with a major humanitarian disaster.'' (see: previous source).

This clearly shows that despite Azerbaijan`s facing the humanitarian catastrophe the leadership of the country accords great significance to humanitarian cooperation, including solidarity in foreign policy (for example, efforts to build a real dialogue between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Council of Europe through "Baku Process''). This can be typical only of a truly democratic state. Azerbaijan is showing to the entire world that it is a state that is strictly committed to cooperation, friendship, mutual respect and justice.

By discussing pressing issues, the Baku International Humanitarian Forum made its yet another contribution to the establishment of global peace, humanity and cooperation. The Azerbaijani leadership confidently continues takings steps towards ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation on regional and global scales. The 7th Baku International Humanitarian Forum will undoubtedly repeat this success.

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