The Anatomy of the Armenian Demon

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It is no secret that as a nation, the Armenians have had psychological problems for hundreds of years. Those problems have now intensified and the their demonic behaviors have reached a peak. It is because Armenia is facing deep recessions in all aspects of their country. Even Armenian authors admit that at the beginning of the twenty-first century, there was no Armenian or independent Armenian state philosophy.

For the Armenians, their greatest burden is their occupation of Azerbaijani territories. The nation was artificially established at the cost of Azerbaijani land in the beginning of the last century. And their efforts to create a second Armenian state at the end of the twentieth century by occupying Azerbaijani territory is suggestive of their “political schizophrenia.” The real tragedy is that they behave not according to reality but to the false scenario that their sick imaginations have created.

According to psychological observations, if a person loses all his senses, he begins to hallucinate and fantasize. This psychological phenomenon finds its true form in Armenian politics. Because the Armenians find it hard to grasp a real image of Azerbaijan, they are often faced with delusions. Azerbaijan’s increased progression in the international community has intensified these delusions. They are especially alarmed at Azerbaijan’s independent foreign policies. This makes it clear that there is no concept of an independent state in their political makeup. Armenia is a state on paper only. In reality it is a banana republic of Russia and this has given them the illusion of independent statehood.

Armenians are sometimes frightened by this slave attitude and speak up but see themselves smacked by their masters and retreat back into their crevice. A perfect example of this is an analytical article published on October 3rd of last year by Modest Kolerov, a strict pro-Armenian and executive editor of Regnum. He gave it a polysemic title, “Does Armenia exist for Russia and Itself?” (1). It is rather difficult to find a more insulting phrase than this for a nation with a sense of nationalism and public dignity. Kolerov has practically insulted the Armenians as a people and Armenia as a state by questioning their existence. In his ending, Kolerov literally spits on their dignity. He writes, “The main question is, what will happen to Armenia if it loses Russia in terms of political social and economic support? It then will not even exist as a state. Whether Armenia exists as a state today is the main question now” (1). Articles like these have increased in recent times.

Mental and psychological traumas have backed the Armenians against a wall. They usually show emotional and unhealthy reactions to events happening around them and their libel toward Azerbaijan originates from this. News of Azerbaijani success especially wakes their primal instincts. An interview with the Director of the Foreign Relations branch of the Azerbaijan President Administration, Novruz Mammadov, for Bloomberg BusinessWeek made the Armenians go insane (2). Mammadov stated that political thinking is in fact normal. He spoke of Azerbaijani interests and of the different possibilities in the course of international politics. The reason was that there were some uncertainties in Western objectives in Azerbaijan.

Mammadov stated that because the West does not show fair treatment of the Nagorno Karabagh case and takes no action against the aggressor, Azerbaijan would have to turn to different policies (2). Any state with self-respect and independent foreign policies must do this. However, the Armenian mindset has not matured enough to accept these moves. They have a rather bitter and selfish standing on geo-politics, which is driven by their primal instincts.

Therefore, they see the Azerbaijani principles of civil and independent nationhood as a grudge held and passed down by their ancestors. In their reactions one can sense the molding smell of the sense of Armenian domination created by chauvinist instincts which had been eating away their hearts and minds. is trying to comment on Mammadov’s interview based on made up “facts” and creates tragic scenarios of Azerbaijan disrupting ceasefire on borders (3). Even the Armenian Ministry of Defense has refuted this information. This infamous institution has even tried to tell the media not to blackmail the public with false information. It has admitted that the ill-mannered writings of Marina Ananikyan on do in fact originate from false information used for blackmail.  

One just feels ashamed for Homo sapiens. One feels that there must be a limit to the shamelessness and bitterness of a group of Neanderthals that have for centuries not found their place in the Caucasus. Their primal psychology isn’t even good for Freudian or Jungian psychoanalysis. Armenian demonic behavior is one that matches neither the behaviors of Edgar Morin’s My Demons nor those of Pushkin’s depictions of demons in “Little Tragedies.” There is one episode that will always be remembered: in “The Stone Guest,” Donna Anna Don Juan says, “You are a pure demon!”


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