"Muslim Brotherhood" order for World without Islam project?

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Baku, 2 September 2013 –

I wished to evaluate on the ongoing processes around the South Caucasus in the context of "Immediate Neighborhood” component of Russia’s foreign policy and Putin’s visit to Azerbaijan but alas, current developments prevented me from doing so. I will "flag” this topic for you and revisit it at earliest convenience.

Indeed, Egypt is a pressing issue. To be precise, we face consequent massacres and double standards driven classics of the indifferent world or even beyond that; we are up against the "World without Islam” that aims to legitimize, embolden and encourage the manslaughters through perplexed "passive posture” and "vague reaction” or should we say against an obsolete international system.

"World without Islam” that I referred to was a title to a Graham Fuller’s book, the very term underlies developments in Egypt and all across Islamic world, including the "Muslim Brotherhood”, and defines key aspects along those lines, especially, when "heartbroken” Western world does not refrain from instant return to classic post-colonial methods that include radicalism and coups.

Recent processes experienced in Egypt, on the issue of "Muslim Brotherhood” was a testimony to that. Being one of the key "fortresses” of upheaval and self-consciousness, Egypt faces a conquest embodied by a "New Crusade” initiated in the wake of September the 11th, with no shots fired. In other terms, decades-long undercurrents (popular movements) are sought to be neutralized by domestic "breakwaters”.

At this point, "Muslim Brotherhood” emerges as a component of not only an internal struggle but also a stumbling block in the quest for conceiving a modern Islamic world, boosted by the "Arab Spring”, and a tool to highlight failure of the endeavors. Thus, substance of the game is revealed. It demonstrates a sordid game where despite different expectation and projections, local, regional and global interests on Egypt and "Muslim Brotherhood” issues coincide.

More specifically, the picture is drawn where some Arab regimes align themselves with the West and Israel - the environment that implies delicate and sensitive aspects beyond "dependence”, "independence” or "being a satellite”. It offers a clear perspective on "texture difference” between a "floor” and a "ceiling”; that is to say, "artificiality”, return to justice and truth in response to the events and "resistance”!

Resistance movement symbolized by "Muslim Brotherhood” concretely demonstrated the world’s inability to withstand to such structures. Islamic world wishes to re-acknowledge itself and "Arab Spring” ushering "Muslim Brotherhood” to power was pretty much like disturbing a beehive. It denotes a new phase of shattered global balance and edge of patience. Such a probability undoubtedly signifies a global braking point where exhausted West and even rising "Non-Islamic Orient” would not allow a third power to emerge.

Therefore, they are inclined to cooperate covertly through various platforms, including the UN, and almost encourage loss of lives in the Islamic world. Other means are employed in some areas beyond their reach that include building an environment for rise of radicalism in the Islamic world and certain radical organizations being emphasized as a threat. The ultimate goal is to shape the Islamic world deprived of political ambitions.

Thus "Turkey may come after Egypt” sounds as a legitimate claim because despite facing so many tumults and challenges, Turkey is still regarded as a major obstacle in the execution of the project!

Dr. Mehmet Seyfeddin Erol

Head of Center for International Strategy and Security Studies

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