Azerbaijan's top official criticizes OSCE ODIHR, OSCE PA and PACE election observers

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Baku, 12 April 2018 –

Distributing the pre-prepared material as preliminary results is disrespect for the will and choice of the partner country, Novruz Mammadov, assistant to the Azerbaijani president for foreign policy issues, head of department, tweeted on April 12.

''I have read the statement by the ''international'' election observation mission on the presidential election. This exact version of the statement didn’t surprise me, as I am well aware how some organizations in Europe perceive the cooperation with their partners. First of all, it is not right to exaggerate things this way. What kind of an international observation mission is this? Firstly, the majority of members of the election observation mission (it is not clear why they call themselves an international mission) have positive opinion about the election. Where is democracy then?'' said the top official.

Secondly, to ignore other missions, which have several times more members, and to disseminate the pre-prepared material as preliminary results (an obsolete rule) is disrespect to the partner country’s voters, people, their will and their choice, Mammadov said, adding that ignoring other missions has become a bad habit of these organizations.

''If these members of the observation mission believe that this position will be accepted by millions of voters, they are mistaken. It would be better to think a little bit before adopting such biased decisions far from reality,'' said the top official.

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