Calling presidential election at an earlier date is vital in terms of addressing important issues on government agenda

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Baku, 6 February 2018 –

Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Foreign Policy issues Novruz Mamamadov commented on the President’s order to call the presidential elections at an earlier date.

Assistant to the President said, "Today Azerbaijan is a country that has a distinctive place in the international community – a country that has achieved internal stability, security and sustainable growth and a nation that has become an initiator and implementer of large-scale regional and international projects. Azerbaijan has shown itself as a reliable and responsible partner, against the backdrop of ongoing complex processes and emerging threats around the world. This country has secured, solidified and maintained a unified front between the nation’s leader and the people. The bedrock of these accomplishments has been the performance of the country’s President Ilham Aliyev who perpetuated the political course of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev for the sake of Azerbaijan’s statehood and its people''.   

"Domestic and foreign policy course conducted by the current head of state for the past 15 years has ensured Azerbaijan’s stability, security and sustainable development. The reforms implemented in the country in the political, social, economic, cultural, scientific, religious and other domains have translated into serious qualitative change in the every sphere.  Thanks to the President’s vision and foresight Azerbaijan has become a driving force behind the realization of such enormous and crucial international projects such as the Southern Gas Corridor, TANAP, TAP, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway and the North-South Transportation Corridor. Today, Azerbaijan stands as a role model that contributes to the multicultural dialogue around the world through the multicultural and tolerant society of its own''.            

"With that in mind, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev had exercised his constitutionally given right to call for early presidential elections in the country on 11 April 2018 by signing the respective order. And I wish to take this opportunity to reflect on the reasons that underpin the expediency of these early elections''.      

"According to the referendum on the constitutional amendments held on September 2016, the President’s term in office was extended from five years to seven. And because that was the outset of a new historical phase, the President now reaches out to the voters for the vote of confidence through the early elections''.   

"Moving up the elections to an earlier date is crucial in terms of addressing the pending issues on the government agenda and more proficient deployment of socio-economic resources for the new phase. The decision to hold early elections in April serves the purpose of boosting the efficiency of the reforms on the agenda, continuation of the staff and structural reforms and adopting corresponding legislative acts to that end.

"Dozens of international and local events are scheduled in Azerbaijan for the 2018. Starting with the Formula 1 Race in late April, the events that range from the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, series of events dedicated to the centennial celebrations of the establishment of Azerbaijan’s Army and creation of the national flag, the 100th anniversary of the country’s Parliament to the Baku Humanitarian Forum and others, could create extra constraints to the organizational process in the run-up and holding of the elections themselves. Therefore, it was only reasonable that the elections are held prior to such significant international events'', said Novruz Mammadov.      

He also stressed that the intensity of the trends present in the modern system of international relations of our time and the ongoing process within the geography that Azerbaijan lies in and beyond, may at any moment generate challenges that require enhancing the level of readiness and displaying adeptness in foreign policy.  

"Furthermore, moving the elections to an earlier date is one of the preemptive steps to neutralize the negative aftermath of the growing aggravation of adverse processes in the South Caucasus and in the neighborhood, as well as their potential impact upon Azerbaijan''.

"Today, in Azerbaijan’s political sphere, there is no politician, statesman or a leader to rival Mr. Ilham Aliyev or offer him competition. The Azerbaijani people highly appraise President’s performance and extend their limitless trust towards him. There is no doubt, both within the country and beyond, that holding of elections in a certain month of the year, makes no essential impact on their outcome'', Assistant to the President noted.

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