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Baku, 3 November 2020 –

Pashinyan turned out to be not only a weak journalist and an ordinary politician, devoid of an analytical mindset. The head of the Armenian government, to whom fate once smiled at the crossroads of the clash of two modern civilisations, neglects not so much political experience as the deep mind of one of the major politicians of modern Armenia. We are talking about the alternative leader of Armenia, to whom all political forces of the country, without exception, turned to in the moments of danger hanging over the country. Of course, we are talking about the hermit of Matenadaran - Levon Ter-Petrosyan. But more on that later.

Something does not add up in the politics of today's Yerevan. Crushing defeats on the battlefield, deafening failures in diplomatic battles. Finally, the guardian of Armenia, Russia, shows an absolute indifference, inexplicable even with a flexible mind, to the fate of its historical outpost in the extreme south of the grey-haired Caucasus. So something went wrong. Any rational government would feel a misunderstanding, if not surprise, after today's public statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Smolenskaya Square answered Pashinyan instead of the Kremlin. Although the Armenian prime minister addressed Putin, not the self-isolated Lavrov, who left the diplomatic field with suspicion of coronavirus. Pashinyan never received a letter from Putin. The Kremlin responded to the Armenian PM through the mouth of its Foreign Ministry.

How so? After all, Putin would not have disregarded the letter of the let's say Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. But it seems that Pashinyan with his Soros government in the eyes of the Kremlin turned out to be a much less significant partner than the president of Nicaragua. Or Maduro. And even Morales. To them, Putin showed great favour, sensitivity, attention and understanding.

And Lavrov's Foreign Ministry, with its annoying dry office style, rapped out a duty text to Pashinyan about Russia's intention to fulfil its allied obligations towards Armenia only in the event of Azerbaijan's aggression. Hinting at the same time that the Azerbaijani Army can cross the borders of Armenia. And as you know, official Baku sets itself completely different goals: the liberation of its own occupied territories. And it does not intend to invade Armenia. Pashinyan, Putin and, of course, Lavrov are well aware of this.

Pashinyan, like any sane politician, was obliged to ask himself: what did go wrong? Why did the great Armenia of Tigran the Conqueror turn out to be less significant than the country of the forgotten Sandinistas? And why did the 200-year-old historical ally begin to openly neglect the interests of the tried-and-true satellite, while expressing special feelings for the Azerbaijani people, who had been trampled upon in their rights? You must admit that in Yerevan natural questions were to be asked... to the previously known answers. Unless, of course, ignore the well-known answers.

Patriarch of Armenian politics Levon Ter-Petrosyan hurried to the Armenian authorities and people with these questions, just like twenty years ago. The outstanding president of Armenia, who once offered his people, Azerbaijan and the whole world a just peace for Karabakh, wise by life experience and squeezed in the grip of big politics, turned to Pashinyan in a fatherly way: Nikol! Ter-Petrosyan, the same old activist of the 'Karabakh' committee, following Vazgen Manukyan, tried to tear the veil from the eyes of the homegrown prime minister who was lost in the Champs Elysees: 'Do you not understand what Putin said? If you do not understand this, then woe to us!'

Ter-Petrosyan acted more sincerely with Pashinyan, if only because, unlike Kocharyan, he did not 'catch' the coronavirus. And he continued an honest dialogue with the authorities and people.

Not only in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan, Putin was well heard, who, according to Ter-Petrosyan, openly said that he was not going to solve the Karabakh problem instead of Armenia. And Azerbaijan, as Ter-Petrosyan predicted 22 years ago, is very close to solving the problem.

Ter-Petrosyan tried to wake up and bring to his senses the former editor of 'Haykakan Zhamanakh,' who once spoke at rallies in Yerevan back in 2008 with incendiary speeches in support of the president, who once declared that Armenia won not a war, but just an absurd battle... And long before Nikol, who was lost in his dreams, divorced from reality, Ter-Petrosyan spoke of painful compromises in favour of Armenia. As about the only alternative and a reliable future of vassal Armenia doomed by Stepanakert riffraff to the colourless years of despondency and savagery. Ter-Petrosyan, unlike Pashinyan, did not threaten Armenia with a banal alternative, but persuaded, recalling the immutability of geopolitical evolution. Today it may be so, but tomorrow it may be different. The historical dialectic has not yet been cancelled.

Ter-Petrosyan is the tortured conscience of the Armenian people. Levon is Armenian through the looking glass of Matenadaran. How quickly Nikol forgot his incendiary speeches in support of the leader of the Revolution Square in the forgotten by all 2008.

The tongue-tied and poorly educated Nikol, born of Ter-Petrosyan's revolution - the square of the 2000s a priori did not accept others - attacked the patriarch of Armenian politics. Ter-Petrosyan urged Nikol to face the truth. Nichol threw a stone at the truth. And he shattered Ter-Petrosyan's mirror. The stone in Ter-Petrosyan's mirror flew out of the hands of one of Pashinyan's little magpies, actor and journalist, and now vice-speaker Alen Simonyan.

'If Ter-Petrosyan wants to know what Putin said, let him call the one who speaks to Putin almost every day,' A. Simonyan said.

Whom did Simonyan mean? Kocharyan? After all, Ter-Petrosyan already stepped over himself, agreeing to a meeting with Kocharyan, who turned back the historical development of Armenia, destroying the idea of the coexistence of two peoples. Burying the chance given by Levon, and putting forward the fascist idea of ethnic and even genetic incompatibility of peoples who have lived side by side for centuries! For the first time after 22 years, Ter-Petrosyan, for the sake of his people, stepped over himself, having met with the gravedigger of the peace plan!

God knows, but the paths of Armenian politics have become inscrutable. Simonyan allowed himself to offend, if not insult, the patriarch of Armenian politics. 'Pashinyan's letter to Putin is written in modern Russian. As you can see, the texts - the subject of the dispute - are not written in the Hittite or Scythian languages. Therefore, the Armenian society does not need a specialist in dead languages to understand them.'

Pashinyan acted very badly and meanly in relation to his spiritual mentor. The mention of dead languages is a stone thrown at Ter-Petrosyan, one of the leading experts in the field of dead languages. A hint at political necrophilia. Ter-Petrosyan was not hinted at, but was told openly that he was a politician from the past, a dead man, so to speak, whose services the people's government did not need. In addition, Pashinyan tried, in his usual plebeian manner, to shift all responsibility for the current situation onto the politician who ruled Armenia a quarter of a century ago.

'Better let the first president of Armenia publish his vision of the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, his proposal for a way out of the current situation. There is no need for mysterious hints,' the newly-minted Simonyan shouted after the outgoing ex-president.

Well, Ter-Petrosyan already outlined his vision of the Karabakh settlement in detail in conceptual publications that caused tectonic processes in the entire region. What a cowardly style of shifting historical responsibility onto a politician from another era? Although the question is not only responsibility, but also in a panic search for a way out of the situation. Pashinyan's mouthpiece said this: 'So far we have received one offer - to go to Moscow. The prime minister approved this proposal, which has not been implemented to this day.'

Pashinyan understands very well that he is not expected in Moscow. And no one wants to talk to him. Pashinyan realises that the allegedly sick Kocharyan was also advised to postpone his trip to Moscow until better times. Only Ter-Petrosyan remained. But he acted more honest and sincere than Kocharyan, trying to revive the current Armenian government and personally Pashinyan himself, who still denies the reality. No one is expected in Moscow. Moscow has gained patience to hear the long-awaited news of the resignation of the Pashinyan government!

Eynulla Fatullayev

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