Pashinyan`s Khankendi rhetoric: the region at risk of tragedy

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Baku, 9 August 2019 –

A couple of days ago Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed an event in Khankendi, which was called "All-Armenian games”. But, in fact, the essence of the event was quite uncertain.Experts say he was nervous and unsure, describing his remarks as potentially dangerous for the region. Even the Armenian opposition called the prime minister`s views "absurd”. The matter is that Pashinyan once again highlighted Armenia`s territorial claims to Azerbaijan and attempted to present them as Yerevan`s legal right. But the lack of logic behind his arguments is obvious. On the one hand, this "street politician” says "Artsakh is independent” and Yerevan does not interfere with its affairs, while on the other, he calls the unrecognized regime in Khankendi "illegal”. Of course, this regime is illegal in a true sense of the word, but it isn`t what the Armenian prime minister means. The real reason why Pashinyan called the Khankendi regime illegal is that he wants to put his own man at its head. It is yet another evidence of Armenia`s policy to establish a separatist regime in the neugbouring state`s lands, patronize it and maintain the occupation of territories. This article will provide an analysis of Pashinyan`s speech in Khakendi.

A series of official Yerevan`s lies: a major headache

NikolPashinyan`s being a populist and dreamer has been a well-known fact. There is convincing evidence of his obsession with absurd ideas. And his recent behavior proved that he is also politically immature. Of course, nowadays there are many leaders who act inadequately to the political reality and say absurd and ridiculous things. But Pashinyan`s move was a gross violation of international law among other things. It was the behavior of a radical populist and immature man, which runs completely contrary to Armenia`s real capabilities.

As he addressed separatists in the Azerbaijani occupied town of Khankendi, this demagogue "street democrat” claimed that Nagorno-Karabakh belonged to Armenia. He used "miatsum” ("unification”) slogan. Pashinyan said this as he commented on "up to 2050 independent development line” of Armenia, which, in fact, is a vassal and outpost of Russia. As if Armenia would exist until 2050 and develop in certain areas. Let`s imagine that its population would hit 5 million, the country would establish 10 technological companies with a total budget of a billion dollars, etc. His remarks were so ridiculous and absurd that even Armenian politicians mocked him, saying "Pashinyan is searching for an Armenian colony on the Mars”.

Experts also described the speech of this "advocate of democracy and freedom” in Khankendi as very primitive in terms of political rhetoric and oratory. He read his entire speech from paper, with obvious signs of nervousness, uncertainty and tentativeness in his voice. The reason behind this is that Pashinyan himself does not believe in what he says and that there are no changes in the attitude of separatists and terrorists. Head of the terrorist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh Bako Sahakyan therefore tried to distance himself from what the Armenian prime minister said. In fact, Sahakyan`s remarks are of no value or importance for the politics. But they revealed actual confusion of Yerevan and Khankendi.

Interestingly, official Yerevan`s controversial and hopeless situation is admitted by Russian experts too. Pashinyan is trying to act against Moscow`s will, which, of course, encourages Russia-Armenia relations to get colder. However, these processes may be driven by complex scenarios of the struggle for influence.

Anyway, what Pashinyan said at the so-called "All-Armenian games” was accepted only by him. His remarks were rejected both by separatists and terrorists in Khankendi, political opposition and Armenian patrons in Moscow. But why the Armenian prime minister made that absurd statement?

Experts give different explanations. Some point to official Yerevan`s desire to wage a war. Others say separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh are maneuvering to win votes ahead of elections. Of course, each of these forecasts is important. Armenian politicians always differed for their absurd ambitions. A closer look at these subtleties and Pashinyan`s words in Khankendi through the prism of ongoing geopolitical processes reveals other features.

First of all, it`s obvious that any judgment of official Yerevan is factitious. And not because Armenia lacks highly intellectual people. Of course, like in every society, there are highly intellectual people in Armenia too. But as their attitude is based on hatred towards neighbors, rather than on common sense, Armenian politicians` views pursue false goals. Specifically, neither their political skill, nor their will, nor their common sense allows them to admit that Armenia occupied Azerbaijan`s territories and the Armenian armed forces must be withdrawn from these lands, that Armenia must officially apologize to the state and people of Azerbaijan and pay off the necessary compensations.

Pashinyan stain on Armenian politics: attempt to bring terror to the region

By inventing different lies, Armenian politicians are trying to mislead the international community. They want to present the right side as the wrong side, but get confused even in this effort. Their attitude is primitive and weak. There are no doubts that if Armenians` patrons abandon them, the "Armenian political rationality”, "Armenian will”, "Armenian democracy” and "Armenian resoluteness” would simply vanish. As their patrons also realize this very well, they do not leave the Armenians alone because they know that the end of this story will expose them. 

Pashinyan is trying to play with this false political rhetoric and the plans of Armenia`s patrons. But he often slips up (in general, Armenians have been known to be slippery people since ancient times), causing his patrons` discontent. However, there are other reasons behind Pashinyan`s slippery political attitude.

In fact, official Yerevan serves the external forces that are striving to sow uncertainty in the region, confront nations against each other and inflame a war in the South Caucasus after the Middle East. If we pay attention to his speech, he seems to wage a war in Nagorno-Karabakh. He is sure that the Armenian army will be defeated in a new war, but official Yerevan could rely on greater support from the West and Russia amid the collapse of the "cradle of democracy in the region” and "Russia`s main stronghold”. Armenians believe that by transferring the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to a common problem to be dealt with by the West and Russia, they will be able to perpetuate their occupation of Azerbaijan`s territories.  

On the other hand, if they can trigger armed clashes in the South Caucasus, this will create additional reasons for intervention in Iran. Official Tehran has recently proposed signing a non-aggression pact by regional states. But Pashinyan, on the contrary, is openly hostile towards at least one of Armenia`s neighbors (so far towards Azerbaijan). For example, he wants to build a road from Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh without Azerbaijan`s permission, and etc. It is nothing but an attempt by Yerevan to bring war to the region. War between Armenia and Azerbaijan would dash Tehran`s proposal.

What should be emphasized here is that Azerbaijan is capable to liberate its occupied lands by any means. But everything happens in its own time, and there is international law. Azerbaijan`s military operations will be in compliance with international legal norms and terms. But the Armenian occupying forces can trigger violence by resorting to any provocation in order to create the pretext to bring external forces to the region, or can spark armed clashes to throw the region deeper into trouble and put it face to face with the threat of terror. This will put the entire region in flames, in a true sense of the word, and chaos, affecting each nation living here. With his immature political attitude, Pashinyan is therefore playing the role of a troublemaker for the entire region and for each nation here.

All thess facts confirm that Pashinyan`s remarks in Khankendi bear signs of a tragedy for the Armenian people too. The Armenian opposition is rightly confident that with his absurd ideas Pashinyan is deceiving the nation again. Obviously, he is blackmailing his people. Armenia will never be able to annex Nagorno-Karabakh and the illegal regime there will soon be eliminated.

Anyway, Azerbaijan reserves the right to liberate its occupied lands, and no one can deny this. Armenia is not powerful enough to refuse to withdraw its forces. Pashinyan is therefore pursuing a destructive policy in the region. He is known to be crawling to the external forces, but this process is now becoming more and more dangerous. In other words, the devil`s march in the Caucasus must be stopped!

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