Rejecting truth and justice: The Freedom House`s biased reports

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Baku, 14 February 2019 –

We have seen many biased and partial reports made by several Western organizations. Some of them address human rights. In particular, we possess enough evidence of "objectivity” of The Freedom House. But the 2019 "report” and freedom of the press "ranking” released by this organization, which serves the Armenian lobby`s interests, is quite ridiculous. The reason is that it even contradicts the opinions of the Western politicians. While Western states point out election rigging, corruption, human rights violations in Armenia, The Freedom House considers the country as "partly free”. At the same time, the organization remains committed to its double-standard approach to Azerbaijan. What a hypocrisy, injustice, lie and falsification! Interestingly, in the geopolitical region that claims to be the cradle of democracy, some are stubborn as donkeys. They do not want to understand a simple thing: whoever digs a pit will fall into it. In addition, such a behavior damages these organizations` image among societies. On the contrary, societies regard them as the source of injustice. And who loses strategically? In this article, we will answer this question.

Not free organization: biased report

The Freedom House has stolen the show again. It released its 2019 "report” and did not break with the tradition again. Its assessments are biased and based on double-standards. This pointless organization once again called Armenia "partly free” and Azerbaijan "not free” country. It`s the same old song, and we know who "composed” it. But there are several interesting aspects. Some Western politicians seem to have completely lost common sense and sense of justice. They even make simple logical mistakes. In fact, it was anticipated because those who are talking rubbish about others cannot have either memory or common sense: they would necessarily make a series of mistakes. The Freedom House is one of them. We want to remember some facts before taking a look at its defamatory "ranking”.

A couple of months ago Western politicians called March 1, 2008 events in Armenia as the result of election rigging preceded by the period of corruption and human rights violations under Serzh Sargsyan. During those events, Armenian security services opened fire on protestors, shooting down 10 of them. But Europe`s political community and NGOs claimed that "the election in Armenia was held in accordance with international standards”. The Freedom House described Armenia as partly free.

Years later incumbent prime minister Nikol Pashinyan provided evidence of human rights violations. He claimed to be held in prison without any guilt for years and launched an investigation against the then leaders of Armenia (Serzh Sargsyan, Robert Kocharyan and others). Undoubtedly, there are thousands of other examples. But Pashinyan`s case is quite different because the prime minister openly admitted that his rights were violated in Armenia. But The Freedom House continues to rate Armenia as "partly free”.

Experts have long talked about corruption penetrating deep into Armenia`s political environment and society. And corruption is accompanied by growing crime and grave violations of human rights. For example, entrepreneurs cannot be free in such situation. Cases of grouping, protectionism in trade and business, parochialism are widespread. Foreign investors refuse to invest in the country. In general, the society is paralyzed. The Armenian leaders have claimed that thousands of corruption cases are being investigated. On one occasion, prime minister Pashinyan silenced a man protesting against corruption in the country, saying "enough, my patience is wearing thin, go and tell this to someone else”. He said he cannot believe what he heard. But The Freedom House is turning a blind eye to all this and ranks Armenia as a partly free country.

Finally, the last sign of the Armenian identity as a state was the death of head of website and deputy chair of "Armenian eagles. United Armenia” Mger Yegiazaryan after a 44-day hunger strike in Nubarashen prison in Yerevan. He wrote a letter before his death, in which, according to Armenian media reports, he said: "They have failed to silence me for 30 years and I will continue to speak. I have never stolena luma (Armenian national currency) from the state, and I love my motherland more than the incumbent government which is trying to portray me as a criminal.” Yegiazaryan said that like in previous years the Armenian government continues to accuse ordinary citizens of crimes that they never committed.

Death of a political prisoner in Armenia... and West`s silence

What does it mean? It means that throwing people in prisons for fabricated crimes is a tradition in Armenia. Now they slandered and killed Yegiazaryan. But Western NGOs and political community do not "see” this. The Freedom House did not even give a hint of this incident in its report. In fact, a human being, owner of a website, a political activist died in a prison! But "democrats” remain silent...

On the contrary, they rated Azerbaijan as "not free”. It`s surprising, isn’t it? Based on which evidence? If some want to show Mehman Huseynov as an example, he is in good health. He neither dies of hunger, nor serves a fabricated prison term. All his rights are ensured. But Yegiazaryan never happened to have his rights protected in "partly free” Armenia.

Is there any other evidence relating to Azerbaijan? Opposition is holding demonstrations in Azerbaijan. But in Armenia, there is no opposition at all. If it exists, then which rally or demonstration has it held in the past year? Pashinyan is both the government and the opposition! But The Freedom House believes that this should be the case in "a partly free” country. Who would believe this nonsense? Who would continue to believe in the existence of democracy in the West?

In fact, we have a lot of questions to international organizations, particularly western NGOs. For example, according to which article of international law does Armenia continue to occupy 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories? Does Armenia have the right to occupy the lands of its neighbor, and is this right set forth in the charter of any NGO or international organization? If not, according to which criteria is Armenia rated as "partly free”? Western political elite and experts cannot give any sensible answer to this question. Not because they lack logic or knowledge, but because these questions are rooted in justice, truth and objective protest. But The Freedom House has nothing to do with all these criteria.

As a secular Muslim country in the South Caucasus, Azerbaijan is the regional leader, the only state that is developing at a rapid pace and pursues an independent policy in this geography. Azerbaijan is an example, an outstanding model of state building. Azerbaijan`s Presidents politically very active, he frequently proposes regional and global cooperation models. These initiatives are accepted and yield fruits. The Azerbaijani President is systematically implementing reforms. He invites foreign businessmen to invest in Azerbaijan, and they put billions of dollars in the country.

The Azerbaijani President has initiated a number of programs aimed at promoting dialogue among faiths, cultures and civilizations. One of them, "Baku Process” dialogue project, proved successful.

Azerbaijan`s energy policy is making a considerable contribution to regional and global cooperation. The country maintains outstanding cooperation in transport sector. Azerbaijan is already playing the role of a geopolitical hub of the South Caucasus.

Some forces are concerned about these facts globally. They cannot stand up to the fact that a Muslim country outclasses two Christian countries in the South Caucasus. It is evidenced by The Freedom House`s biased rankings among other factors. Anyway the factremains that Azerbaijan is the shining star of the region. Those trying to impede Azerbaijan`s development will never achieve their goal. No one can spoil Azerbaijan`s image because "Azerbaijan is the Sun”! And the sun cannot be spoiled.

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