A separatist visiting France, a mediator behaving contrary to international law

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Baku, 6 December 2018 –

Those who protect and support the aggressor Armenia are trying to step up their efforts. It has recently been evidenced by the visit of Bako Saakhyan, a terrorist with the blood of innocent people on his hands, to France. The French President speaks of cooperation with Azerbaijan on the one hand, but attends a Francophonie summit in Yerevan on the other. But he does not come to Baku. In Yerevan, Emmanuel Macron called Armenians ''our fellow countrymen''. Then he claimed that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be solved fairly through peaceful means. But this charade was over when the Armenian terrorist visited France. That visit demonstrated that one of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries is helping those who committed crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh. It raises questions: Does Nikol Pashinyan receive "NKR representatives should also participate in the negotiations'' instructions from abroad? Aren`t certain forces interested in protracting the conflict resolution? In this article we will try to find answers to these questions.

Europe`s mistake: supporting separatism may cause bigger troubles

The visit of Bako Saakhyan, ''head'' of the illegal regime created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, to France should have provoked a sharp reaction. The Armenian armed forces, Armenia`s patrons and local Armenian separatists are equally responsible for the crimes that were committed in the occupied Azerbaijani lands. And they will sooner or later face the full force of the law, including Bako Saakhyan.

This person`s visit to Paris and his meetings to win support for the Armenian separatist regime cause deep regret and undermine France`s image as a state and a co-chair of the Minsk Group. How can a European power such France, which claims to advocate humanity and democracy and which undertook to contribute to fair settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as one of the Minsk Group co-chairs, take such an unfair attitude? Which principle of democracy gave it the right to do so? Why such a country should be a mediator?

In fact, we have witnessed this situation several times. Those who represent the illegal regime in Nagorno-Karabakh periodically visit European countries or the United States. But senior officials of these countries try to avoid responsibility, claiming that these visits are not official. However, the visits of separatists result in increasing aid and additional assistance to the Armenian terrorists. Similar scenario is now playing out with PYD in Syria. Saakhyan visited the U.S. too, where, like in France, he received support. So it's not a coincidence, and explanations like ''it is not an official visit'' are unacceptable. It is nothing but the West`s serious assistance to and patronage of the separatist and terrorist regime that keeps Azerbaijan`s lands under occupation.

One can mention Russia`s support here. Right. But Moscow has taken an objective standing recently. In addition, Russia always maintains a good balance and develops its relationship with Azerbaijan. However, Saakhyan gets reception in Moscow too. But this happened after his visit to the U.S. and France. Moscow seems to demand certain explanations from the separatist. Anyway, the Minsk Group co-chair countries` receiving and holding discussions with the Armenian separatist is highly undesirable. In response, Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a strong statement.

Saakhyan`s reception and discussions in several countries, particularly the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries, pursue a specific goal.

The principal point here is that the Westers states banned people from Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Crimea from entering their territories. In addition, people who face Washington`s sanctions also experience problems with entering European countries. For example, Romania blocked a Moldova-bound plane carrying a senior Russian minister entering its airspace. Politicians from separatist regions are not allowed to enter Western states. But why Nagorno-Karabakh separatists get a green light?

The logic is quite clear. Those who voice support for Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity and sovereignty, took a completely different position in reality. Firstly, they justify the Armenian terrorism, giving it financial and logistic support and supplying with arms. Secondly, they are covertly helping official Yerevan`s policy of aggression. Although they admit truth, they do nothing to stop Armenia. On the contrary, they are providing considerable support to the aggressor state.

Risks and threats: those who encourage terrorism support

For example, they say that territorial integrity of countries is inviolable, but in reality they take no effective steps to force Armenia, which violated Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity, liberate its occupied lands. In addition, by using general words they say that the conflict should be solved through negotiations. But, in fact, they encourage the aggressor to continue occupation of Azerbaijani lands. They are speaking of ''peace'' and ''peaceful resolution'' because they are well aware that Armenians will be defeated in military operations. But for some reason Washington and Paris have not demonstrated their humane attitude when Armenians occupied Azerbaijan`s lands.

Thirdly, by demonstrating double-standard approach, the co-chair countries, in fact, impede the settlement of the conflict. If they were sincere, the problem would have been solved long ago. So by opening its door to separatists like Saakhyan, France, in fact, is closing the door on the possibility of resolution of the conflict. Does a country with such a position have the right to be a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group? We are strongly convinced: No!

The other point is that the problem may cause other threats. Supporting the Armenian separatism in the geopolitically volatile South Caucasus region and promoting it in the world will encourage a new wave of separatism. Experts say geopolitical turbulence in the Middle East may spread to neighbouring regions. In fact, we have long been writing about this and analyzing potential threats and risks.

So-called "experts'' like Stanislav Tarasov already started realizing the potential consequences of this scenario because it was played by politicians and "experts'' of his character traits. By hiding the truth and supporting the Armenian separatism, they brought the South Caucasus region to the condition of geopolitical explosion.

They do not pursue a goal of restoring justice, but are portraying others as sources of risks. Europeans accuse Russians, while Russians accuse them. Unlike all of them, we base on justice and reveal the real logic of the processes. Having pursued an objective and fair policy, the Azerbaijani leadership has always been seeking the region`s prosperity. But those who call Azerbaijan a friend have not been sincere enough. Unfortunately, this is a reality that has to be acknowledged.

The politicians who permitted the Armenian separatist to enter France are similarly hypocrite. They artificially differ between the Abkhazian and Ossetian and Armenian separatists. The reason is that the Armenian separatists are their own kids. They were not exaggerating the issue a couple of years ago in hope that justice will prevail. They believed that sooner or later the West, which claims to be the cradle of democracy and humanity, will put matters rights. But this never happened…

Azerbaijan will undoubtedly continue its activities in line with international law. Official Baku has always acted in accordance with international legal norms and charters of international organizations it is a member of. It is because Azerbaijan is a truly constitutional state. It is building a society that deeply respects independence, democracy and rule of law and preserves multicultural values at a state level. This is why Azerbaijani officials are patient with reception of separatists like Saakhyan in European countries and the United States. However, the issue affects the fate of the region in general. So those who support separatism are doing harm not only to Azerbaijan. They are throwing their allies and even themselves in the abyss of new controversies.

If France today opens doors to Saakhyan, then a Muslim country can host a separatist from Corsica. And this absurd phenomenon may increase to become a trend. But who will be responsible for the consequences? Will they still be blaming ''Islamic terrorism'' when separatism penetrates deep into Europe? Western politicians do not think rationally and are obviously cutting their own throats.

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