Terrorists are in power in Armenia

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Baku, 13 April 2018 –

Armenian government is the state which executes terrorism in a state level. That’s why necessary actions need to be taken against this aggressor government following the VII chapter of the UN Charter and decisions and resolutions of the UN for fighting against the international terrorism. R. Kocharyan’s (1999-2007) and now S. Sarkisyan’s being president of Armenia who were involved in killing of thousands of people doesn’t make the International Court concern.

S. Sarkisyan administration continues massive terrorist acts against Azerbaijanis in Armenia at the state level which did R. Kocharyan – who worked in administrative positions for the fictitious organizations in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan, managed massive repel of more than 1 million Azerbaijani citizens from Khankendi and other settlements by force and murdering of thousands of people, provided Armenian robbers with needs. Occupation of Zangilan and Jabrail was organized by S. Sarkisyan, R. Kocharyan, S. Ohanyan, S. Babayan, A. Qukosyan. The commander of two battalions of 366th detachment which committed Khodjaly genocide Seyran Oganyan was assigned a commander for fictitious Nagorno Karabakh Republic defense army and Minister of Defence of Armenia Republic between 2008-2016, then got title of colonel-general after committing crimes. S. Sarkisyan, who was elected the president of Armenia on February 2008 had started his career as a chief of fictitious "Nagorno Karabakh self-defense power committee''. He was an active member of "Krunk'' and "Dashnaksutyun'' parties. The provision of the Armenians of Khankendi with weapon, killing of 25 people by first stonewareing, then firing of the buses transporting Azerbaijanis on the route of Akhdam-Shusha, the shot of the "Mi-8'' helicopter on flight from Akhdam to Shusha in 1989, the first attack to Malibeyli village and killing of two Azerbaijanis in the border of Asgaran-Akhdam regions were in particular arranged by S. Sarkisyan.

S. Sarkisyan was dealing with the transferring of the firearms and ammunitions from the Armenia and distribution of them to the NK Armenians. In the interview with the British writer and journalist, the famous researcher of Karnegi Fund, the specialist on Karabakh conflict Thomas de Vaal the current president Sarkisyan states about the Khodjali genocide: "Until the Khodjali genocide Azerbaijanis thought that they were just joking with us. Azerbaijanis though that Armenians are the people of not capable to do harm to the civilian people. It was time to change these thoughts and we did it''. (In Khodjali genocide 613 people were killed with torture, 487 people were wounded, 1275 people were taken captive, 8 family were completely destroyed, the city was burned, 25 children lost both parents, 130 children lost one parent in the genocide of Azerbaijanis. 106 of killed were woman, 83 of killed were children. More than 70 of them were old people, 56 people were burned alive with torture, the skin of their head was peeled off, their eyes were removed, heads were cut, abdomen of the pregnant women were engraved with a bayonet).

On 12th of February 1988, the first rally against Azerbaijanis was also organized under Kocharyan’s leadership. Since the first months of the events, subversion actions resulting in burning of 4 houses at the entrance of Khojali city and injury of some Azerbaijani residents were committed in particular under the organization and direct leadership of R. Kocharyan, S. Sarkisyan and Arkadi Kukasyan. Coming to Asgaran district education department from Khankendi in 1988 to propagandize against Azerbaijanis and arranging a meeting, R.Kocharyan requested the tutorial collective never forget these tragedies and educate the pupils in the nationalistic spirit, reminding that the Turks and Azerbaijanis had committed notorious "genocide”. The director of Jamilly village school Gasim Girxqizli and his assistant Khudayar Kuliyev who attended in the meeting, stated that they had left the meeting protesting against the nationalistic speech of R. Kocharyan.

Armenian state apparatus combines terrorists around it. Vagan Oganesyan who was arrested in 1996 for his activity in Dro terrorist organization was released from prison by the initiative of R. Kocharyan and was assigned the consultant of the president of Armenia. Davidyan and Melkonyan, former ASALA terrorists who actively participated in the terroristic explosions in 20 yanvar, 28 May-Ganjlik and Ulduz-Nariman Narimanov metro stations of Baku were assigned desert commanders by Kocharyan. Besides giving the national hero honor name to Armenian terrorist Melkonyan who was killed during occupation of Khojavend after his death, his name was given to one of the diversion centers of the Ministry of Defense. Committing the terrorist act in 11th of July1990 to the passenger bus and household goods conveyor cars, killing peaceful civilians, Ayriyon Arkadi Abramovich and Babayan Samvel despite arrested, Samvel Babayan was exchanged with Azerbaijani captives and hostages on July 1992, became the Minister of defense of the fictional organization between 1993-1999. The deputy of the Minister of Internal affairs of Armenia Levon Eranosyan actively participated in battles of Nagorno Karabakh, on 2013 he got lieutenant-general title, currently this former terrorist was assigned the chief of the Department of fighting against terrorism at Armenia. These terrorists being rewarded by Armenian power were assigned to positions. Armenian administration accepts them as heroes and assign them to the high positions in power.

These facts show that separatist Armenian groups in Nagorno Karabakh region are still acting in Armenian armed forces. From that it comes that the current de yure main organs of Armenia became de facto under the flag of fictional Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Ramila Bahlul Dadashova

Docent, dr. Chief of the department of Caucasus politics, Institute of Caucasus Studies, ANAS

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