Those Who Throw Dirt at Azerbaijan: Fearful of President's Resolve

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Baku, 11 September 2017 –

Here it goes again. Certain media outlets and pseudo-organizations have launched the next anti-Azerbaijan campaign. This time around their primary target is the President of Azerbaijan and his family. They have come up with bogus figures, alleging that some clandestine money transactions were made and act as if those allegations are backed by solid facts. But we all know that the song is old. They just added some new verses to it. Each time that Azerbaijan moves forward with an undertaking of international relevance, the envious ones resort to all sorts of fabrications. All of that is done against the backdrop of impotence and inaction of the Armenian authorities. While Azerbaijan has been very energetic on the international scene in the recent month Yerevan did nothing but complain and implore for help. To no avail by the way; those efforts cannot undermine Azerbaijan’s posture. The rapid development and reforms across all areas will continue. The people of the country rally around the nation’s leader. And given the enormous historical experience, the society cherishes the value of the independent statehood.

False Arguments: Why is There Apprehension in Certain Quarters?

It is not the first time that whenever Azerbaijan takes bold steps on the international arena and makes significant accomplishments on the international scene it faces the onslaught of smear and calumny. Apparently, certain shady circles just cannot digest Azerbaijan’s achievements in the area of state-building. Particularly, as their favorite "political toy'' – Armenia, plunges into deeper crisis, their drive to taint Azerbaijan’s image becomes more zealous.

This time around it’s the group of European newspapers and the infamous Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) that have produced an "investigation''. The group includes several European outlets – The Guardian (UK), Berlingske (Denmark), Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Le Monde (France) and some others. In reality however, the OCCRP and those newspapers are funded by certain financial circles and associated with some political groups. There is plenty of evidence of that in various publications around Europe and in investigations of local journalists.

The abovementioned group is reportedly affiliated with George Soros. This billionaire is known for his habit of stirring trouble in different parts of the world – something that has been widely reported by the journalists and addressed by the Western politicians. Mr. Novruz Mammadov, the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan on Foreign Policy Issues provided a fascinating description of Soros’s persona: "George Soros got so carried away that he now acts like a key actor of international relations. He thinks he is entitled to a right of meddling into affairs of other countries with the aim of altering their destiny''.

Indeed, this is the very context in which the media in U.S. is illustrating this notorious speculator. Soros is being accused of orchestrating color revolutions. This time he is said to be involved in provoking political turbulence in America. Those efforts also include the backing of a smear campaign against Donald Trump. There are also media reports about specific amount of funds allocated to undermining of the situation in the country.

Apparently, Soros’s performance goes well beyond America as he now stretches out towards Azerbaijan that has proven to be quite successful on the international arena lately. To that end, through his affiliate media outlets and private entities, he resorts to slur. The processes also reveal that this seditious billionaire is surrounded by the quite a number of Armenians. For example, an utterly slanderous "Guardian'' article on Azerbaijan was co-authored by an Armenian journalist Dina Nagabetyan!

It is no coincidence that rascals in the Armenia’s political circles have tried to capitalize on this affair. The Armenian media linked with those circles has been circulating groundless reports. They, on the one hand, hail the efforts of the Armenian diaspora, while on the other hand, stage "international court'' proceedings on Azerbaijan and make senseless allegations against the nation’s top leadership.

Message to Liars and Slanderers: Azerbaijan Will Never Give Up Its Independent Policy and Lasting Development!

Indeed, for the wise and intelligent people the situation is clear. Those circles hostile to Azerbaijan will never have empathy for the country’s statehood or the fate of the Azerbaijanis. They are the crooks that permanently wish for the collapse of this state and its society. To that end, they resort to all sorts of crimes and try to provoke trouble and confrontation. Those circles remain silent about the tragedy that befalls the Muslim population in Myanmar; as if in that part of the world massacred women, children and elders aren’t even humans. And those forcibly driven from their homes are not entitled to any rights. What the about their "objectivity'', "human loving nature'' or "infatuation about human rights and democracy''? Perhaps, those superlatives have drowned in the bloodbath they have provoked in the Middle East. But then, this has historically been part of their DNA – biased, slanderous and Islamophobic.

Otherwise, as Novruz Mammadov puts it, ''Azerbaijan’s accomplishments, its growing international relevance, socioeconomic growth as well as stability and peace that has prevailed in our country wouldn’t have caused nightmare for our nemeses and ill-wishers''. Mr. Mammadov is absolutely right when saying that, ''Regrettably, the legal nihilism on the international arena has reached such an extent that certain countries, organizations, institutions, circles and media outlets are set ablaze by own sense of jealousy and envy. They use every opportunity to stain Azerbaijan’s international image, damage our relationship with the Western world and undermine our international posture by turning our country into the subject of criticism and reproach''.

They utilize all instruments to materialize their repugnant intentions, including the use of services of the likes of Soros whose shady media entities are inclined to spread lies and fabrications. In reality, however, publications in any European media that contain negative views of Azerbaijan are meaningless. What they do is damage one nation’s resolve and its commitment to the Western democracy, statehood and international cooperation. Deceit cannot last too long and then the truth emerges and people witness the frauds and bias of the Western circles. Equally, it erodes the confidence in their policies and raises eyebrows about the objectivity of those institutions.

Such crooked behavior cannot undermine Azerbaijan’s determination and force it off its course. The experience demonstrates that "Azerbaijan has earned esteem around the world owing to its fair stance, and domestic and foreign policy. It is moving ahead defiantly and accepts no dirt or slander'' (Novruz Mammadov).

Yet there is one important aspect that deserves attention. How do some media outlets, social media users and opposition groups that try to blur the waters in Azerbaijan at the behest of foreign circles ultimately look like in the eyes of the people? Don’t they know the price of taking sides against their native country and its statehood? Forget patriotism, having conscience and fairness is their moral duty.

Position of the media and the political circles in Armenia is understandable. Theirs is the one of animosity. Armenia just cannot digest Azerbaijan’s accomplishments across many fields. Particularly, as Baku presents significant international initiatives, makes great progress in increasing its military capabilities and continues to move along the path of rapid development.

Armenians also accuse Azerbaijan of forging military cooperation with Russia, whereas Armenia ought to be grateful to Russia for the very existence of its military. Thus, while being Kremlin’s puppet and vassal, Armenia aims to cast a shadow upon Azerbaijan’s equal partnership with Russia. Why does this dirty campaign find sympathy among certain media outlets in Azerbaijan? This is hard to comprehend. Indecency is when one is ready to cross all the boundaries for the sake of a political gain.

Azerbaijan and its people will emerge from this phase with their head held high. Let there be no doubts of that. Attacks against Azerbaijan have and will continue to see adequate retaliation. Independent Azerbaijan will continue to live and its flag fly high. The people of Azerbaijan know very well how committed the president and his family are to this country’s statehood, people, national culture and independent course.

Azerbaijan’s leader has been steadfast in advancing the course of state building chosen by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. No external force can undermine the confidence that the domestic audience has in the country’s president. The faster the people embrace that idea the better off everyone in the West, East, North and South will be. When it comes to Soros, Novruz Mammadov raised an excellent point, "Soros should provide an answer to the question as to why the White House Petition calling for declaring him and his organizations to be terrorists gathered over 140 thousand signatures in no time?''

P.S: As the abovementioned article was ready to be released, two important pieces of news were received. The first is about the instruction to the law enforcement agencies given by the President of Azerbaijan on ''Turan Agency'' Editor-in-chief Mehman Aliyev’s case. Ilham Aliyev recommended that M. Aliyev’s case be reviewed and penalty in the form of pre-trial detention changed. That penalty has already been substituted with the release under police supervision (according to the verdict of the Yasamal District Court). Experts hailed the decision as a sign of humanism on behalf of the President and the good-will gesture towards the journalist community.

The second news is about the Israeli citizen Alexander Lapshin who had been imprisoned recently in Azerbaijan and him being pardoned by the President Aliyev. According to the pardon, Lapshin’s remaining jail term was terminated and he was to be sent to Israel.

This is a testimony to how groundless latest publications about Azerbaijan’s top leadership in some Western media outlets are. Driven by humanism, President Aliyev takes just and legally sound decisions in every situation.

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