Novruz Mammadov: "European Parliament resolution could jeopardize EU-Azerbaijan cooperation"

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Official Baku has commented on the resolution of European Parliament, which criticized the situation in democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan.

Expressing his attitude to the resolution, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov said that the recent campaign against Azerbaijan has become systematic and consistent.

"It seems that the whole mechanism of the foreign policy of the West (and it is very strong - there are a variety of centers, organizations, NGOs, media and other institutions) is working against us. Of course, this circumstance cannot but concern us.

Apparently, the victory of Azerbaijan in Eurovision has led these forces in action. Being an independent state, Azerbaijan did everything possible over the past 20 years to build a successful model of interstate relations, and above all, with the West. Such success is not possible in every country.

We have passed a very successful way. At the same time, Azerbaijan made a big leap in its development. Recently, however, we are seeing a strange trend – Europe seems up in arms against us. But I want to remind you that Europe is going through the worst economic crisis in decades and does not know how to get out of this situation.

But at the same time (and maybe this is also the reason), some structures in Europe come out with various statements and make decisions. And this circumstance causes our surprise. Referring specifically to the recent decision of the European Parliament, I want to note that the careful study of each of its points makes us wonder. If you analyze the tone of this decision, you will have the impression as if a European Minister gives instructions to its structure.
We believe that such a tone is unacceptable and inconsistent with the model of our relationship. Analyzing all the events happening around our country, you can come to the conclusion that many circles abroad are unable to "digest" our development and independent policy.

Our success in the political sphere, including the election of Azerbaijan as the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, its presidency in this structure, the victory in Eurovision, a major international event, covering the television audience of several hundred million of people seem to have plunged our enemies into resentment and envy. The accelerated development of Muslim Azerbaijan, of course, caused concerns among these circles. And theybegan to spread negative information about our country. Incidentally, the rise of Islamophobia in Europe has been noticed not only in our country but also by many others.

The Europeans, introducing the idea of multiculturalism and urging other countries to accept it, do not only distanced, but also trampled on them. For 50-60 years, Europeans have used the population, mainly of their former colonies, to perform "dirty work", and now complain about the presence of migrants. But that's not all - along with Islamophobia, neo-fascists also rise in Europe. Look at the way they arrange the judicial trial over Andres Breivik, a terrorist who killed 77 innocent people and how cruel they were towards the "Toulouse shooter" who had Arab roots. Of course, this raises questions and cannot but disturb

Against this background, Azerbaijan, as a Muslim country shows its development. Is this not the reason of a campaign of "black PR" launched against our country? Representatives of the European institutions, and leaders of European states should be sensitive to such issues. And when taking such decisions, it is necessary to think about their consequences.
If we take in the paragraphs of the resolution, we will see that they are all based on lies. Tens of thousands of people were moved from their old houses, into new renovated apartments. And a citizen of Azerbaijan has written a letter to the European institutions with a complaint that he allegedly did not receive the required compensation, and they include it in the paragraphs of their resolution.
Or some time ago, a former citizen of Azerbaijan, now living in Germany and, incidentally, a citizen of this country, complained about the alleged unfair allocation of compensation for the demolition of her house. But examining her complaint, we got the information that she was given a renovated apartment of 125 sq.m. instead of the old apartments of 60 sq.m. But she demands money in Germany and she is rightly said: Come, and do whatever you want with your apartment.

It is a pity that such domestic issues become topic of discussion in the European Parliament. Or the issue of political prisoners. We have repeatedly told our European partners: let us specify the principles for defining the term "political prisoner". But they always went on and continued to play up the discussion of the question. In addition, we always say that there are no political prisoners in Azerbaijan, and if someone has committed a crime, and calls himself"political prisoner", it cannot be disputed that there are political prisoners in the country .Don’t the European countries have their own problems that they mind the problems of Azerbaijan? After all, we see the condition of Greece, Spain and other countries. After all, the citizens of these countries also have the right to work, to life, free medicine, and other rights that they have been deprived of.

Why do the members of the European parliament not care about the rights of their citizens? This is a manifestation of double standards, which are applied to Azerbaijan inadequately. This is wrong, because those who make such decisions, do not think that they harm relations between Azerbaijan and Europe.

As part of the EU Neighbourhood Policy and the "Eastern Partnership" programme, and now also conclude the association agreement, Azerbaijan is successfully continuing its relationship with Europe. However, the adoption of such resolutions and biased attitude towards our country may challenge our partnership. I have always stressed this – such an attitude of the West towards our country reduces the credibility of Europe and the trust to it that can ultimately lead to unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, we reiterate that we do not accept this resolution and do not agree with it. If we look at the attitude of the countries of Central Asia to Europe two or three years ago and compare it to the present, we’ll see that this attitude has changed dramatically. And it is the result of such European policy ", Mammadov said.

He did not rule out the link in the synchronous pressure on Azerbaijan on the part of certain circles in Europe and Iran. "And it is very surprising, since these centers have completely opposite positions on most issues, but have the same position on us. And if we look at the chronology of recent events, there is an amazing kind of synchronization (acts) of Iran and the EU in respect of Azerbaijan. That is, it all looks very strange. All these centers are concerned about our development.

The watching they become angry – does Azerbaijan achieve such a success? And they cannot accept our success. Azerbaijan has always been a reliable partner of the West in political and energy spheres, in the fight against terrorism. Today this was reiterated by U.S. president Barack Obama in a letter to President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of Republic Day. Casting a shadow over these achievements won’t do.

Azerbaijan must have the opportunity to continue the successful development of relations and cooperation with the West. And we are also interested in the continuation of this path. But such steps, resolutions of the European structures could put all these achievements under the big question. Everyone should understand the importance of Azerbaijan as a regional center and build a trustful relationship with them rather than causing harm to these relations”, Mammadov said.

25 May 2012



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