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Baku, 21 June 2013 –

At last G8 summit in Lough Erne Resort, Northern Ireland, the heads of state of the OSCE Minsk Group's Co-Chair countries released another joint statement on the Nagorno-Karabakh problem. In the statement, the presidents of France, Russia and the USA express their concern over the fact that the dispute had not yet been resolved and that the conflict parties were seeking one-sided concessions instead of mutual ones.

The spirit of the statement shows that the OSCE Minsk Group`s Co-Chair countries are determined to continue their mediation mission in finding a solution to the stand-off. The statement calls on the conflict parties to evaluate what has been done in the last four years and remain committed to their proposals.

The statement expresses a diplomatic protest against a military option of solving the conflict. "A renewal of hostilities would be disastrous for the population of the region, resulting in loss of life, more destruction, additional refugees, and enormous financial costs,” the statement stresses.

The Co-Chair countries say the war will bring social, demographic and financial problems. But one must not be president of a superpower to know this. The Co-Chair countries are well aware that bogged down in mire, Armenia`s economy, demography and social situation cannot withstand even a brief war. They are trying to keep Azerbaijan back from waging a war. The Co-Chair countries knew very well that during Russia`s week-long military intervention in Georgia Armenia had only 8 or 10 days` reserves of grain in addition to experiencing serious energy problems.

The Minsk Group`s Co-Chair countries, which do not want the war to begin, must fulfill their mediation mission objectively. Azerbaijan`s lands have been under Armenian occupation, and putting an end to this occupation is Azerbaijan`s sovereign right.

All three Co-Chair countries of the Minsk Group are members of the United Nations Security Council. Being responsible for the execution of the Council`s four Nagorno-Karabakh conflict-related resolutions, these states, for some reasons, do not urge Armenia to fulfill these resolutions. 

Another contradiction is that the top five countries among the ten largest arm-trading nations are members of the Security Council. Russia, a Co-Chair of the Minsk Group, has supplied two billion dollar worth arms to Armenia gratis in the last 20 years. At the same time, despite trying to build an image of "a beacon of justice” punishing the aggressors, the United States has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Armenia in financial assistance. France is also expanding its political, economic and military cooperation with Armenia. As former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said France considers Armenia its sister, and, naturally, it`s trying "to uphold the honor” of its sister.

The Co-Chair states, which claim to be championing democratic values, human rights and freedoms, rule out the possibility of a war and play the role of a dove of peace when it comes to the legitimate demands of Azerbaijan. And they don`t refrain even from bombing countries thousands of kilometers away on the very other continent for protecting their strategic, political and economic interests.  

Despite superpowers promised to save Iraq and Afghanistan from dictatorship and restore democracy, human rights and justice there, the number of the people who had been killed as a results of attacks on these countries is much greater than the number of those who died under "dictators”. Having intervened in Syria`s internal affairs and turned the public discontent into a civil war, superpowers are supplying arms to and financing terrorist groups, which they call "the free army”. Having always claimed to be fighting against international terrorism on all fronts, these states are gladly cooperating with international terror organizations to overthrow the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

Trying to keep the right to have nuclear weapons in their own monopoly, some members of the Security Council are imposing political and economic sanctions on Iran and accuse it of supporting terrorism. In fact, it is Armenia, which occupied Azerbaijan`s lands, and the so-called regime that must be imposed sanctions on. But members of the Security Council and the Co-Chairs of the Minsk Group prefer to remain silent when it comes to Azerbaijan. And there`s much to think about.

Legally, like previous statements, the Co-Chair countries` last statement will produce no results. The most interesting point in the statement is that the Co-Chair countries are trying to keep the conflict parties back from resorting to a military option of solving the dispute. This statement by the Minsk Group`s Co-Chairs must be seriously considered in the light of the fact that Azerbaijan is trying to increase its military potential, modernize its army with advanced technologies.

Dr. Hatam Jabbarlı

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