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Baku, May 27, 2013 –

It has been a while that since I heard of Vladimir Kazimirov. Honestly, I thought he was dead. However, once he agreed to undersign anything, after conspiring with his Yerevan sponsors, I realized that people of his type tend to live long.

Grave common sense and logic problems of Kazimirov, who served in the capacity of a co-chair of the Minsk Group in 1992-1996, have numerously made into various publications. Kazimirov himself is aware of that because those problems accompany him from his youth. However, due to his age a senile idiocy had added political schizophrenia to the list of ailments of this retired diplomat. He is trying his best to present himself as a sensible and healthy person. But his actions attest to the contrary.

"At the age of three Vladimir’s father abandoned them, while his mother worked as a laborer in the print shop. He personally admitted that he was an unattended youngster, hardly managing his school. His mother would frequently be summoned to school to see the principal and eventually he would be transferred to yet another school” ( Despite that person acts contrary to his nature and pretends to be an intellectual, family inferiority and defective breeding reveals itself.

USSR became a country that in the wake of Hitler-provoked war held Germany under occupation, but it must imply that we are to blame for the World War II? Aged retiree makes precisely this silly statement and fails to understand that his brain is malfunctioning, owing to hypertrophy. Some ten years ago Kazimirov attended a conference in Baku and here he failed to control himself physically.

Guided by ravings of this ailing old man, that claims Nakhichevan belonged to Armenian czars in the VI century BC, his patrons actually reveal that they are nothing but a pair to dignity and self-respect deprived Kazimirov. Deriving from this strange logic, I wonder what else happened in the world in the VI century BC.

It was on the same day that Kazimirov had "unleashed his ideas” in various forms. According to credible sources he agreed to undersign anything prepared in his name by the Armenians in exchange for complete debt "write off”. That is precisely what happened. Old "diplomat” has apparently become totally dysfunctional. His last resort is to agree to occasional Armenian sponsored interviews and publications expressing their positions and aiming to discredit Azerbaijan, and even that he fails to execute personally.

Considering conspiracy with Kazimirov, someone who is ready to anything for money, a brilliant opportunity, Armenians are using this trite idea over and over in various publications. Moreover, it is a testament that his conspirators are also sick-minded people. It has exactly been twenty years that Kazimirov served as a Russian mercenary agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. Those diplomats fail to realize (owing to paralytic thinking) that they are the ones at the core of Russia’s problems. Kazimirov is among the responsible persons for the greatest disaster of the XX century. He can pride himself with schizophrenia at this elderly age.

Being an impostor diplomacy sage, Vladimir Kazimirov is deprived of such values as honour, dignity, justice and truth, while pursuing personal gain through bias and sordidness. According to his personal website, throughout his diplomatic career he was involved in conflict resolutions in the South-West Africa. This Chairman of the MFA Veterans’ Council, who in the past served as an ambassador to Costa-Rica, Venezuela and Angola, is for some reason only preoccupied with the Nagorno Karabakh.

So, why would this former ambassador, remembered for his 4 years long incompetent tenure, be only worried about Nagorno Karabakh, whereas according to Kazimirov himself, he had done his utmost for the resolution of all the regional conflicts? Certain problems of Africa and Latin America still persist today. Why does not this remiss old man evaluate those processes? Or just may be Azerbaijani lands are more dear to him than African ones? The substance is clear to public. It is Armenians’ money talking. Otherwise, Kazimirov’s personal website would not resemble the charter of Dashnaktsusyun party.

Going through his website one may presume that he has dedicated his life in its entirety to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Managed by his Armenian puppeteers, this old man seemingly forgot about his 20 years long career in Latin America and Africa as well as his other professional engagements. Accuracy of our remarks can be verified by a single visit to his page (

Apparently, having realized to be spending the rest of his days, as a mercenary he considers his duty to unleash reek, impurity and sordid intentions. He did not actually say anything as he is deprived of a capacity to decently express himself. Instead he agreed to undersign anything his Armenian friends are publishing in his name. Serving the Armenians as of 1992 (trampling the honour and the dignity of a diplomat), this old jackal has gone out of his way.

Finally, certain points emerge that need to be raised with Kazimirov. Kazimirov, you would know yourself better. Despite your sordidness, you know how small you are. Regardless, all your efforts are in vain. In the autumns of their lives the wise people aim to be fairer and adhere to justice. Whereas, you have changed multiple disguises in the capacity of a mercenary agent and tend to portray it almost as heroism. Indeed, your life is not worth a nickel, because you have led a life of indignity. But history will not forgive two of your gravest mistakes.

First, being a Russian diplomat your actions must not impact Russia-Azerbaijan relations. But there is nothing to worry about, given how miniscule you are. It is just that you were ought to be ashamed for serving as co-chair of the Minsk group in 1992-1996, and a co-chair is a mediator, a position that implies impartiality. Although this reprimand deserves to be addressed to a dignified person, I nevertheless wish to articulate it.

Second, you are a pawn in international and inter-state relations. Unfortunately, you are the one of too many. You neither see today, nor tomorrow, let alone yesterday. Your memory fails you. Therefore, you must realize that Nagorno Karabakh is a historically Azerbaijani territory and will remain as such. For now, secretly or overtly supported by the likes of you, Armenians are able to occupy those lands. But it does not mean it will last forever. You stand next to adventurist Armenian leaders in this process. You have no mercy on remaining inhabitants of Armenia because scholarly-theoretic and diplomatic-political knowledge of yours rests upon several despicable postulates.

Nagorno Karabakh is an Azerbaijani land and you know it. My only wish is for you to witness the day when Azerbaijan will restore its sovereignty over those territories. You are aware of the feelings to be experienced on that day.

Novruz Mammadov

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