Turkey`s great struggle: Saving the Middle East from risks and threats

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Baku, 20 June 2019 –

Experts point out the deepening geopolitical struggle in the Middle East. In particular, dangerous scenarios are set in relation to Turkey. Ankara is sieged from several directions, and plans are in place to draw Turkey into chaos. Even fake maps are being drawn. The main goal is to split Muslim states into small entities and take complete domination of the region. But some of these forces seem to begin to understand that their plans are wrong. We hear statements at several levels that intervention in the Middle East was completely wrong. But what is interesting is that no one steps back. The struggle continues with new methods, and an emphasis is placed on the political and diplomatic activity. Against this background, geopolitical moves are also made. There are plans to create a large terrorist corridor. This article will give an insight into some of the aspects of Turkey`s geopolitical struggle under these circumstances.

Dangerous scenarios: in the light of Erdogan`s statements

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan provided an insight into some aspects of the geopolitical games of superpowers in the Middle East. According to him, the situation in the region remains quite complex and contains many risks, in particular Syrian conflict, terrorism, unilateral sanctions, and efforts to change the status of Al Quds.

President Erdogan said that against this background certain forces were concerned about the Turkish factor. Some are trying to draw Turkey into the geopolitical games in the Middle East. In fact, Turkey is sieged from several directions. It is evidenced by those force`s actions in Iraq, Syria, Greece and Balkans. In addition, they are openly speaking of a certain ''map'', in which Muslim states are depicted as three to five hostile entities divided on sectarian grounds.

Interestingly, reports allege that some Middle East countries are also trying to encourage this process. This reveals an obvious intention to sow confrontation among Islamic countries. And who benefits from this is a well-known fact.

But the situation has reached such a point that if not addressed, it may result in those absurd maps becoming a reality. Ankara therefore declared that it was aware of the plans and was ready to tackle them. Policies conducted against Turkey in the past few years help understand the seriousness of this attitude.

Firstly, there were efforts to isolate Turkey on the Syrian issue. But Ankara`s strongholds within Syria surprised everyone. At the second stage Turkey was invited to address the Syrian problem as one of the key partners. But simultaneously a plan to confront Turkey with new challenges was set. This encouraged Turkey to launch two successful operations – Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield. These operations were carried out in a highly professional manner and the enemy was completely destroyed. These cross-border operations allowed Turkey to take control of a terrorist corridor that would stretch from Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea. So the plans to move terror groups from Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea ended in a fiasco.

This was followed by the efforts to encourage those in Qandil in order to create a terrorist corridor that would stretch from the Iranian borders to the Mediterranean. Ankara retaliated with the ''Paw'' operation, which now successfully continues to neutralize terrorists. Turkey`s military operation was crucial to ensuring security of both the country itself and also of Iran. The terrorist corridor is now blocked from the Mediterranean Sea and from the Iranian border. Heads of terror groups in Qandil are seeking ways of escaping the region.

Ankara eradicated the Black Sea terrorist group, a landmark event, which, in fact, brought the chances of terrorism spreading to Turkey to zero. In addition, terrorists on the most wanted list are being captured one after another. This means that the Turkish special services continue to ruin all the plans and scenarios set abroad.

But now a new game was launched. It has two wings. The first is to cause problems for Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus, in particular to isolate and siege Turkey. In order to fulfill this task those forces set up an international coalition that includes even Muslim states. The coalition demands Turkey to abandon plans to drill for energy reserves off Cyprus, while the coalition members themselves are engaged in the exploration of hydrocarbons near the Cyprus island.

In response, Ankara deployed two drilling ships to conduct natural gas operations off the northeast coast of Cyprus. The opposite side requested the support from the USA and the EU.

In fact, America and the EU issued an ultimatum to Turkey. But Ankara`s answer is clear: ''These demands are valueless''. Turkey challenges others to put words in action, but no one risks to do so.

Siege being broken: Ankara`s courageous moves

Although the efforts to isolate Turkey from sea continuously fail, they are still ongoing. What is obvious is that Turkey is resolute against all those who want to interfere and is ready to deal a blow to them. The situation seems quite dangerous through the prism of the processes taking place in the northern Syria, which is the second wing of the dirty plans. In particular, military provocations were committed in Idlib region. An observation center of the Turkish armed forces in Idlib was hit by rockets. Ankara`s reaction was sharp: if the attacks continue, the retaliation will be severe.

At the same time, civilians in Idlib were also bombed. Pro-Asad military groups managed to retake several areas from the opposition helped by external forces. However, the opposition troops then launched a counter offensive to force the pro-government army to retreat.

But the experience shows that it is not the end. Two Middle Eastern Muslim states are now sending their representatives to the PYD/YPG-controlled areas to encourage the tribal heads not to build relations with Turkey. By doing so they demonstrate their commitment to contributing to the plans to split Middle East. But local Arabs have a very warm attitude towards Ankara and urge the Turks to save them.

For Turkey the number one priority now is to destroy the terrorist corridor on the Qandil-Sinjar-Kerkuk-Munbij-Tel Rifat-Kobani route and ensure stability in the region. This will dash all the plans to create a large terror zone stretching from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean Sea. This corridor is of huge strategic importance because, in fact, it allows to encourage terrorism in a quick, effective and safe fashion in a large territory stretching to the far China and Russia. By destroying this corridor Turkey will save the entire Eurasia from terror. The problem is not confined just to Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

Bu terror is not the only method that the hostile forces are using. They are conducting dirty campaigns to overthrow government, commit provocations and try to meddle into elections. Turkey is engaged in a fierce fight on this front too. The enemies` plans are being dashed. The municipal election in Istanbul took place in a very calm, democratic and transparent manner, which is of pivotal significance in this regard. This election will become a triumph of the Turkish democracy.

All this clearly shows that Turkey is carrying out a historic and strategic fight. Turkey`s victory will mean a triumph of justice, democracy and independent statehood. It will have a positive impact on neighbouring regions, including the Caucasus, opening up additional opportunities for fair settlement of the ongoing conflicts. It will also create an opportunity to partner with Russia to solve the conflicts. It`s not a secret that the Armenian terror remains the major source of threat to the entire South Caucasus. Eliminating this threat will bring peace, reconciliation and cooperation to the region. The Armenian nation may be among those who will benefit from this.

It is now difficult to predict the outcome of Turkey`s great geopolitical struggle because the ongoing geopolitical picture is quite complex, risky and uncertain. But it is a struggle of honor that must be carried out.

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