Those Who Shun the Truth: Belgian Judge and New Chapter of Slander

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Baku, 27 September 2017 –

The campaign of slur, slander and fabrications against Azerbaijan is ongoing in some media outlets in Europe. Two Belgian newspapers have recently joined the race. In their publications they have attacked the judge of Belgium’s Constitutional Court Jean-Paul Moerman for the veracity of his remarks on Azerbaijan. Illogical as it may seem, the European media is accusing Moerman of pro-Azerbaijan bias. Mr. Moerman’s truthful remarks concerning the Khojaly genocide, Armenia’s aggression and indifference of the international community were not met with objectivity. There is seemingly a euphoria in the West that whenever anything positive is said of Azerbaijan it must certainly be refuted. And that absolutely defies any legal or moral boundaries.

Moerman’s Objectivity: Who is Frustrated?

Certain quarters just cannot give up the anti-Azerbaijan campaign. There are still some in the European media that continue with slur and allegations against Baku. Let us take one recent example that signals that the masterminds behind this endeavor are willing to take it further. Yet all the accusations burst like a soap bubble given the lack of solid facts behind them.

One of the co-authors of the slanderous ''investigation'' titled ''Azerbaijan Laundromat'' – the Belgian "De Tijd'' newspaper has partnered with "L’Echo'' and published series of articles of anti-Azerbaijan nature. ''RTBF'', "La Capitale'', "La Libre” have also followed suit. The subject of their "investigation'' is Jean-Paul Moerman – one of the twelve judges of the Constitutional Court of Belgium. And what this gentlemen that holds high judicial office is guilty of? Astoundingly, Moerman is guilty of simply telling the truth about Azerbaijan. He has not exaggerated anything, nor has he displayed pro-Azerbaijan bias. Let us do some fact checking.

In his interview with the "MyAzerbaijan'' Moerman said, "Being a Belgian, how I can agree that the neighboring Dutch would dominate in Belgium? With all due respect to the Dutch culture and its people, as an ordinary citizen I would categorically dislike the Netherlands occupying my country or meddling into its affairs with an aim of establishing a new government here. The Belgian judge is speaking from the position of a normal human being. Just like any Belgian, German, Russian, British or Italian would hate to see his or her neighbor try to dominate their country. Exactly the same applies to the Azerbaijanis. This is an absolutely legitimate right and it deserves to be respected by all. That is what Mr. Moerman alluded to. What was so outlandish and biased about his remarks? Those remarks came from a person who recognized his moral duty as a human being to outline that the Azerbaijanis were also entitled to a right to love and defend their country.

Here is another quote from Moerman, "Individuals that had committed the atrocities in Khojaly were identified. Yet no decisions have been taken on that issue for the past 20 years. It is necessary to set up a special international criminal court. There is a relevant experience. Such courts had been set up in the past on Kosovo, Lebanon and Iraq. International experts should be invited to carry out investigations and respective decisions have to be made. Perpetrators of such crimes must be found and punished so as to prevent them from happening again… All the countries and international institutions should refrain from the policy of double standards to allow the justice to prevail and rights upheld''.

This quote, regardless of its lengthiness, contains fascinating aspects. Judge Moerman points out the key party responsible for aggression against Azerbaijan. He also recognized that the international community lacks attention and objectivity with regard to the conflict. This is a serious impediment for restoring law and justice. If the perpetrators of the Khojaly genocide are not punished today, similar genocides could happen in other parts of the world. Indeed, for that to be materialized the international community and international organizations must denounce the policy of double standards.

Soros: In the Confinement of Deceit and Bias

There is nothing extraordinary or prejudiced about Moerman’s remarks. Nonetheless, certain quarters are utterly alarmed. They are vigorously confronting anyone who dares to speak out. Mr. Moerman had also highlighted one sensitive aspect. In his interview with "De Tijd” he noted that some 140 NGO’s waging the anti-Azerbaijan campaign are sponsored by George Soros. And given the fact that concrete circles are orchestrating this process, their purpose is far from speaking the truth. Their true intention is to shape a negative image of Azerbaijan through spreading lies and slur.

This is the substance of the matter. Jean-Paul Moerman’s views have come to displeasure of some quarters that are pro-Armenian and Islamophobic. For them, Azerbaijan’s every achievement is a blow sustained, because with every step forward this nation has proven them wrong.

They had prejudged Azerbaijan’s destiny by saying that Europe’s cooperation with the country was unfeasible. The experience, however, has attested to the contrary. Europe and Azerbaijan have enjoyed close cooperation across many areas, to the extent that Azerbaijan is now recognized as the key contributor to Europe’s energy security. Furthermore, Azerbaijan’s initiatives regarding regional and global cooperation have gained wide international recognition. Azerbaijan plays an important role in the China’s New Silk Road project. Azerbaijan is major partner in the areas of security and cooperation in the South Caucasus.

The world is a witness to all of those developments and our input is highly valued. Therefore, Azerbaijan is being more assertive in demanding its legitimate rights to be respected. Indeed, correct assessment of the ongoing processes is a primary condition. In this respect, Mr. Moerman makes a genuine contribution to this cause. He simply, accentuates the need for the world to know the truth about the Khojaly genocide and to act accordingly. Azerbaijan’s foes reject that. They stand ready to denigrate anyone who dares to speak the truth about Azerbaijan. It is for centuries that the Armenians have helped to shape such a corrupt tradition. The Europeans themselves are paying the ultimate price.

One cannot but emphasize the George Soros factor here. It is not surprising to see him emerge from behind the scenes of the recent developments. Perhaps, because this man has great expertise in bringing turmoil to certain nations, defame them and then capitalize on that financially. The geography of his actions spans the Balkans, Ukraine, Middle East, Asia, Russia and other countries where he has left a distinctive imprint of foul play. He has even helped to coin the phrase "color revolution''.

Apparently, Soros is starting a new chapter. He now resorts to information blackmail in order to bring trouble to certain nations. He inclines towards hurting the Muslim nations; the fact that some 140 NGO’s act in concert against Azerbaijan speaks for itself. On the one hand, this is a sign of Azerbaijan becoming stronger and its international clout growing. On the other hand, certain quarters are being utterly jealous. Since Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, the bias against is even more pronounced.

Here is an interesting quote from the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan on Foreign Policy Issues Novruz Mammadov,

"Regrettably, the legal nihilism on the international arena has reached such an extent that certain countries, organizations, institutions, circles and media outlets are set ablaze by own sense of jealousy and envy. They use every opportunity to stain Azerbaijan’s international image, damage our relationship with the Western world and undermine our international posture by turning our country into the subject of criticism and reproach. They utilize all instruments to materialize their repugnant intentions, including the use of services of the likes of Soros whose shady media entities are inclined to spread lies and fabrications''.

They are wrong to think that all of that can thwart Azerbaijan’s progress. A lie cannot live. Azerbaijan’s leadership is determined to pursue the chosen course. When it comes to the Europeans they are driving themselves into the corner by wasting such decent people like Jean-Paul Moerman. Becoming the prisoners of Armenian lies or puppets in the hands of such crooks like George Soros will bring nothing but evil. They will be ashamed once the justice prevails.

As far as the information war is concerned Jean-Paul himself answered to all the attacks. In one of his interviews he insisted that he merely spoke the truth and rejected the accusation of him receiving money. His ultimate wish was for the world to know the truth. Nothing more!

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