Next Massacre: Armenia's Provocations Growing in Scale

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Baku, 11 Jule 2017 –

As the entire world addresses the urgency of combating international terrorism Armenia’s armed forces have resorted to yet another provocation against Azerbaijan. As a result of a mortar fire launched from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the Alkhanli village of the Fizuli district was shelled, killing a woman in her fifties and her two year old granddaughter. This was a despicable incident. Even the most violence-prone people condemned this atrocity. The official Baku reacted fiercely and demanded the enemy to cease such provocations. Turkey’s official circles were also swift to condemn, in the strongest terms, the killing of innocent civilians and demanded putting an end to incidents of this kind. That being said, we witnessed deafening silence on behalf of several big nations. Those quarters who constantly remind the world of the humanitarian tragedy in the Middle East choose not to speak out. They must know that it is the very attitude that emboldens Armenia and allows the latter to drag this region towards greater catastrophes. Preventing this process is a must.

Child Murderers: Armenia’s Armed Forces Continue Sowing Evil

It is no secret that Armenian authorities recognize no moral or legal borders in the policies they pursue. Berserk Armenian troops continue their inhumane actions as they constantly use Azerbaijan’s occupied territory for shelling the innocent civilian population. Such provocations and brutality have persisted under different pretexts.

The most recent tragedy occurred in the village of Alkhanli of the Fizuli district where two innocent Azerbaijani civilians died. The most tragic part of the story is that the dead villagers were actually a grandmother and her granddaughter. Yet, as the world condemns this horrendous killing, the media in Armenia is talking about something else. It is evident that seeking justice and conscience in the society that perpetually sheds tears about "genocide” is futile. It is nothing less than despicable that someone remains indifferent to the killing of a child, regardless of the ethnicity, or tries to justify such a horrendous act.

Media in Armenia attempt to downplay that abhorrent incident and try to portray Azerbaijan’s just indignation as hysteria. Whereas the residents of the entire village attended the funeral procession, as the two year old was laid to rest next to her grandmother. If such a powerful image is unable to shake the Armenian conscience, then such a society is already beyond redemption.

For us, the most thought-provoking aspect of the incident was the outlandish warning issued by the Russia’s Foreign Ministry regarding the alleged discrimination against the Russian citizens of the Armenian origin by the official bodies in Azerbaijan. This is was an act of disrespect to the tragedy, to say the least, and an absolute inconsistency with the spirit of Russia-Azerbaijan relationship. Instead of demanding that aggressor Armenia ceases provocations, Moscow calls on Azerbaijan to tolerate suspicious individuals on its soil.

Does Kremlin have information about the number of Russian citizens of Azerbaijani origin that visited Armenia? Hardly so, and the reason is quite simple – it just cannot happen. It is because Armenia has forcibly expelled the Azerbaijanis from their native lands and harbors animosity towards every one of them. Not a single Azerbaijani would choose to visit Yerevan – be it as a tourist or in any other capacity (with the exception of Iranians of the Azerbaijani descend because that situation has to be viewed in the different context).

Furthermore, why Russia fails to demonstrate serious reaction to the arrest and continuous torture by the illegal regime of the two of its ethnically Azerbaijani citizens? Regardless of repeated appeals, the Russian authorities have not bothered to address the fate of its citizens. Their response has been limited to several statements.

The situation begs a legitimate question – why is it that when Armenia perpetrates yet another atrocity the friendly Russia chooses to side with the aggressor and not uphold the justice. Is not it logical that Azerbaijan demands concrete explanation from the Minsk Group co-chair nations? Is not it only natural that Baku’s residents are protesting in front of the Embassies of Russia, U.S. and France? That is not enough by the way. It is time that we take more firm and concrete action. It would be naive to presume that without being duly confronted Armenia would cease to carry out such provocations?

Fascinating was the Turkey’s response to the same incident. The Foreign Ministry of the brotherly nation, the parliamentarians and members of the general public have all emphasized the need to put an end to Armenia’s provocations. They have raised their voice, saying that the killing of innocent civilians has no rational explanation. Regrettably, no other big country, other than Turkey, came out with an objective assessment of this bloody crime. Even our friendly and fraternal Iran has remained silent; for what reason?

Regional Threat: The Need to Eliminate the Source of Risk

Another aspect of that issue has to do with the fact that Armenia, yet again, humiliated the Minsk Group co-chairs. Reportedly, Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers are scheduled to meet soon. The co-chairs have repeatedly stated that the status quo was not sustainable. That it had to change. This means that the aggressor Armenia must withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan. The borders recognized by the UN and other international organization must be restored.

In the meantime, Azerbaijan is becoming more determined and resolute while asserting own position. The international community also appears unwilling to tolerate such uncertainty any further because it maintains the entire region under threat. The Nagorno Karabakh conflict must be resolved as the situation can get out of hand anytime.

The official Yerevan, being acutely aware of that, resorts to provocation prior to every important meeting. What kind of an interlocutor can a child-murdering Armenia be? What would be their arguments for justification of the artillery bombardment of the innocent civilian population? It is inconceivable and the Armenians must pay the price for such atrocities.

We must also stress that today civilians are falling victim to the terrorist attacks in different parts of the world. Muslim children in Syria are dying under the barrage of bombs. The UN has repeatedly raised the alarm with regards to that situation and called for putting an end to the humanitarian catastrophe. Many world leaders have also made their position clear on this matter.

One could expect Paris, Berlin, London, Washington, Tokyo and Beijing to react to the killing of an innocent child and her grandmother in front of their home. Alas, those capital cities remain silent. This implies that the international community has the share of responsibility for recurrence of such incidents. Time and again the world fails to provide adequate assessment of the developments involving the Azerbaijanis. Changing this deplorable and unacceptable tradition is a must. It is only then that Armenia and its patrons would be more attentive and careful.

For now, Sargsyan’s regime is confident that its patrons would protect it and no international condemnation would follow, and that there will be no serious reaction or sanctions. So, they are free to do whatever they want. But what if, hypothetically (because the civilian population, especially children, has never been designated as targets by the Azerbaijani military), Azerbaijan would ever resort to such actions. The world would rise, sparking a heated discourse about the Islamic terrorism along with other ridiculous claims. Unfortunately, these conclusions stem from a bitter past experience.

We should also mention another point here. The tragic incident also demonstrated the Azerbaijani military’s continuous readiness to deal heavy blows to the enemy. The aggressor’s actions are confronted with immediate and accurate counteractions. Azerbaijan’s military stands ready to teach Armenia’s armed forces their next lesson by carrying out massive strikes because apparently, they understand only the language of force. The aggressor has been warned on number of occasions that Azerbaijan’s determination is unwavering and its cause is just.

Such events also vividly display the difference between the real friends and the fakes. The declarations of many contravene their own actions. Perhaps not openly but they still buttress the aggressor. They also try to put pressure on Azerbaijan. Certainly, such methods are futile and neither the Armenians nor their handlers can capitalize on such a situation. Ultimately, Azerbaijan will get what it wants.

Lastly, Armenia seems to send a message to the big players around the world. The official Yerevan is signaling that it can instantly undermine the geopolitical stability in the South Caucasus. This is quite a perilous development in light of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and perplexity of the Iran issue. It could also unleash terrorism in our region and Armenia is the sole source of all this evil. They are no different from ISIS, PKK or al-Qaeda. They have proven that in the late 1990s, by brutally murdering innocent Azerbaijani children and the elderly. It is the entire humanity’s responsibility to stop this process.

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