Second letter: Trump opens up Azerbaijan`s realities

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Baku, 3 June 2019 –

U.S. President Donald Trump sent two letters to the Azerbaijan President in a short span of time. It is of special importance against a background of rapid change of global geopolitical processes and emerging controversies. In both letters, the U.S. President briefly highlights key geopolitical, economic and energy issues. He describes Azerbaijan as the most successful and leader country of the region, stressing that Azerbaijan can play an even greater leadership role. This means that official Baku can develop its successful efforts to play a greater leadership role in a larger geopolitical area. As if Donald Trump opens up the phenomenon of Azerbaijan`s realities to the world. This article will provide an insight into the U.S. President`s second letter.

Big interest: Trump`s messages to the South Caucasus leader

The U.S. President`s sending two letters to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in a short span of time caused interest of the political community.

Donald Trump is well known for his Twitter diplomacy. But he behaves quite professionally when it comes to serious matters. His messages to President Ilham Aliyev featured brief, but very effective proposals. Most importantly, the two letters complement each other.

The point is that in his letter on the 26th anniversary of the International Caspian Oil and Gas exhibition Donald Trump specified his views featured in his letter on the Republic Day and highlighted Azerbaijan`s geopolitical role. The U.S. President`s hailing Azerbaijan`s achievements can be an example to heads of other superpowers.

The second letter can be divided into three parts in terms of logic, content and purpose. Donald Trump starts by giving a geopolitical judgment to Azerbaijan`s achievements. "Azerbaijan is more prosperous and connected to the global economy than at any time in its history. Oil and gas production from Azerbaijan continues to increase stability in world energy markets, including through the Southern Gas Corridor,” he writes in his letter.

It is obvious that the United States regards Azerbaijan as a prosperous country. This testifies to the success of the Azerbaijani leadership`s policy. Azerbaijan`s prosperity is closely linked with the increasing well-being of the population along with the ensuring of internal stability. There can be no development without internal stability. Donald Trump puts emphasis on this aspect, stressing that the Azerbaijani leadership is pursuing a policy that meets modern requirements and does not cause any controversy.

In this context, Azerbaijan`s connection to the global economy is of pivotal importance, in particular against a background of the ongoing geopolitical processes in the South Caucasus. Unlike Azerbaijan, other South Caucasian states are dragged into controversial situations because of their one-sided foreign policies. And Armenia is just like a rat in a cage. Hopes pinned on Nikol Pashinyan have been ruined amid empty promises. The Armenian leadership has so far failed to put forward a proposal that would produce a tangible result. No one is interested in collaborating with Armenia. But Azerbaijan stands at a completely another level.

The American President declared that Azerbaijan is prosperous and connected to the global economy. Connection to the global economy is crucial. Integration of new independent states into the more developed part of the world requires skills and creativity. One should adapt to the system by reaching a high level of development from infrastructure modernization to relations with other states. Azerbaijan has managed to integrate into the global economy by its numerous initiatives, effective and targeted reforms and excellent diplomatic activity. In order to ensure this, national leader Heydar Aliyev and then President Ilham Aliyev put a tremendous effort. This benefited the entire nation, the state and citizens. And Donald Trump managed to see this success.

Proposal: Now is the time to expand on Azerbaijan’s success

What is more interesting is that the American President is very optimistic about the geopolitical and economic prospects of Azerbaijan`s successes at the international scale. Donald Trump writes is his letter: "Azerbaijan can play an even greater leadership role by partnering with other potential suppliers, such as Turkmenistan and countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. Now is the time to expand on your country’s success.” Donald Trump praises Azerbaijan`s policy that made it the leader of the South Caucasus. In addition, he emphasizes that the potential of this leadership is not confined to the region. On the contrary, this gives Azerbaijan a good opportunity to expand its leadership in a broader geography. The word "opportunity” should be understood in a broader sense in this context as it points at the high potential of Azerbaijan`s domestic and foreign policy. This potential manifests itself in two aspects.

Firstly, Azerbaijan has built its foreign policy in the format of cooperation. Contrary to the claims of unfriendly forces, this aspect of the foreign policy encourages Azerbaijan`s leadership role. The foreign policy therefore is both effective, modern and creative in nature.

Secondly, the foreign policy is not confined to specific purposes, it targets the goals that are capable of affecting the entire world. This successful and fruitful policy has reached such a level that apart from the opposite side of the Caspian Sea, countries on the banks of adjacent seas can also make their way through Azerbaijan. The geographical aspect is not central here. First and foremost, it is about Baku`s policy meeting global requirements. So Donald Trump ruins the anti-Azerbaijani heinous plans and slander campaigns pursued by the Armenian lobby and forces, which became a tool in the hands of their patrons. Azerbaijan now has the opportunity to gain leadership in several regions. How miserable Armenia looks through this prism!

Donald Trump goes on to affirm Washington`s full support for Azerbaijan in this process. The U.S. President says: "The United States supports your efforts to advance economic reforms that will attract foreign investment and spur innovation. The economic success of Azerbaijan will help bring stability to the entire region.” These are very important views.

Donald Trump says that the United States welcomes Azerbaijan`s efforts to attract foreign investments. The Azerbaijani leadership is successfully encouraging foreign investments. Washington therefore intends to invest more in Azerbaijan and increase its support for the reforms implemented by the Azerbaijani President. One of the reasons is that the United States believes that the economic success of Azerbaijan will help bring stability to the entire region.

The U.S. leader concludes his letter by saying that he looks forward "to continued cooperation in our shared efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic South Caucasus”. It is a harsh response to anti-Azerbaijani forces and the ‘fifth column” that want to exert pressure on Azerbaijan and divert the country from its track. The United States is confident that Azerbaijan is fulfilling its mission of the leader to build a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic South Caucasus.

These are serious geopolitical theses. Azerbaijan is playing a leading role in bringing stability to the region, ensuring democratization and elevating cooperation to a new level. The moves that official Baku is making are of crucial significance to the region as they decide the future of the South Caucasus.

Naturally, there is a logic in transition to regional conflict resolution. Although Armenia and its patrons stir things up, Azerbaijan`s good will and resolution will triumph. Azerbaijan`s leadership will help bring stability and development to the entire region.

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