The Iranian “bomb”: a fragment of the storm in a teacup scenario

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There are very delicate methods of conducting the information warfare in the modern era. Referring to anonymous sources, some circles in a number of countries try to use media to instill groundless information into the minds of millions of people. And the main aim here is to shape public opinion in the interests of those circles. For the most part, complicated ideological and psychological techniques are used globally to instill unreliable information into the minds of people as true one. Both international and local media are used to this end. The systematic work is carried out and some experts` ideas are presented as “objective” in order to sell false information as truth.

An Azerbaijan-related article by certain Mark Perry recently published in the Foreign Policy magazine was based on a similar propaganda technology. The Perry`s article is entitled “Israel's Secret Staging Ground”. Perry cites unidentified sources and claims that Azerbaijan plays a role of the secret “staging ground” for Israel on the Iranian issue. This information was allegedly disclosed by US officials (even those from President Barack Obama`s administration). The real “analysis and forecast” begins afterwards.

 The author presents thoughts of several analysts and politicians in the favorable light in order to achieve his objective. He draws his conclusions in line with those allegations. In the end, a completely wrong idea has come about Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is portrayed as Israel`s secret staging ground, the country conspiring against Iran. It is not difficult to realize whom this information serves to. What makes us concerned most is that some persons take part in “circulation” of this false information in the international media.

Unfortunately, there are some in the Azerbaijani media too who blindly refer to such information. The “closed information provocative circle’ emerges this way to intensively exploit the public opinion. Incompetent analyses and wrong forecasts alleging that Azerbaijan can provide assistance to Israel in its military operations against Iran appear in the media scene with the help of the local media outlets.

Politicians are well aware of the impact of geopolitical processes in the Middle East on the adjacent regions. Taking advantage of this, such persons as Perry try, in line with their goals, to come up with ideas on the possible results of these processes.

 In his article, Perry set himself a concrete goal of creating a false picture of the geopolitical image and foreign policy of Azerbaijan in the region. This way, he aims to harm Azerbaijan`s relations with not only Iran but also Turkey. To make it trustworthy, he quotes former Pentagon adviser on Iran and Iraq Michael Rubin and “one of high-level Israeli officials.”

 The argument of the “Israeli official” is that since Iran puts pressure on Azerbaijan, Baku must build close ties with Israel. The following thesis is behind whatever Rubin says, “… Israel and Azerbaijan have long had strong relations for practical reasons: They both faced invasion by hostile powers upon their independence, and they continue to face neighbors who seek to undermine their stability. ”. In other words, Rubin and “the Israeli official” seem to strike a solemn and objective pose to allegedly analyze the processes but, in fact, they share Perry`s slander.

 Of course, to ground their insidious stance, some circles in Iran utilize this and conclude that if Azerbaijan cooperates with any country, it does it to confront Iran. The major aim of the information provocation is to portray Azerbaijan in this way.

The truth is as clear as a day to everyone. President of Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated main principles of the country`s foreign policy. He also reiterated that Azerbaijan would never grant access to its territory for any kind of military interference against any country, in particular, Iran. Azerbaijan pursues a policy of cooperation, integration, peaceful solution of conflicts in the region. Despite knowing it very well, some circles try to bring about a semblance of Azerbaijan`s problems with its neighbors. It means Azerbaijan is neither on good terms with Armenia nor wants to be a friend of Iran. The choice of Iran was not accidental because there are some 30 million Azerbaijanis living in the country. If they manage to put Iran at loggerheads with Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis will tend to undermine situation in Iran from inside. Thus, it becomes obvious that there is the intention to portray Azerbaijan as the country having a biased stance towards its neighbors.

They try to carry out the information provocation against Azerbaijan in a more “effective” manner in order to achieve this goal. For example, they use services of “serious analysts” who quote “some officials” in the US, Israeli and European media. And Israel`s Yedioth Ahronot, UK`s The Guardian, US WorldNetDaily and New York Post publish a variety of articles on the issue. The fact that WorldNetDaily publication is close to the conservative circles adds some color to the “information cocktail.”

 For the Israeli side, research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies Yoel Guzansky, “influential analysts” Alex Fishman, former head of Mossad intelligence service Meir Dagan, Yedioth Ahronot newspapers` special contributor Ronen Bergman and military analyst Ron Ben-Yishai “cast an anchor” in the media scene with their “deep” thoughts on the problem.

The US list is not short too: former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Obama`s former advisor on the Middle East Dennis Ross, some persons close to the Armenian and Jewish lobby gathered to make Perry`s provocation look “spectacular, well-grounded and objective.” But they all have one thing in common: the Obama administration ostensibly unveiled “the secret information” in order to put obstacles in the way of Israel.  This means that Israel indirectly has its own plan which contains Azerbaijan`s anti-Iran position. And only “disloyal” Obama disclosed the “secret”. This way, the world sees Obama as the politician who allegedly told the world about Israel-Azerbaijan cooperation against Iran.

The interesting coincidence should be noted here (if it is coincidence indeed). One of representatives of the Georgian opposition who obtained a political asylum in Austria Levan Pirveli, in his interview to Regnum agency (March 26, 2012), took similar arguments to “reason” that USA would use the Georgian territory to strike Iran. He calls Georgia the US`s “Northern ground” against Iran. And of course, Mikheil Saakashvili comes as a new target. It testifies that such information is prepared in the same “backroom” and is nothing else but a myth.

We are concerned that some Azerbaijani media outlets are involved in above-mentioned information speculations in the press. In fact, they “prove” (deliberately or unconsciously) the unfounded theses in the information provocation and, this way, bring grist to the mill of the enemy`s provocation machine. It is nothing else but the desire to make a storm in the teacup or to fish in troubled water. Unfortunately, “specialists” in this field are not willing to give up this job.

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