The Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova have always been closely connected by bonds of friendship, cooperation and reciprocal support

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Baku, 10 January 2017 –

Gheorghe Leucă

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Azerbaijan

The history of each people and state encompasses exceptional milestones whose importance cannot be overestimated. One of such vital points for Azerbaijan is the day of restoring its independence, the 25th anniversary of which will be celebrated this year.

The Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova have always been closely connected by bonds of friendship, cooperation and reciprocal support. Our countries have much in common starting with the year of declaring our independence in 1991. Moreover, along with some other states both Azerbaijan and Moldova joined the United Nations on the same day, 2 March 1992 and since then, they have been effectively collaborating not only in the framework of this universal Organization, but on the international arena in general.

Traditions of good partnership have been established and continue in many other international and regional organizations to which both countries are members, such as Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Council of Europe (CoE), the Black See Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and Organization for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM), where our countries support each other on matters of common interest, especially the ones related to ensuring respect for international law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of states.

Such cooperation has added to the multilateral productive, scientific and technical ties, established on the basis of common strategic interests throughout the history and has strengthened mutual trust and friendly bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Nowadays, the existing legal framework between the two countries, comprising more than fifty agreements continues to expand, and provide the entire range of necessary instruments for consolidating cooperation in political, economic, cultural and humanitarian fields.

Similarly, due to the significant role the political dialogue at all levels plays in the advancement of the effective bilateral relations, in addition to the previous meetings an exchange of visits at the highest level is to take place in the predictable future, as well as political and specialized consultations of the relevant officials of the two countries in the framework of the existing mechanisms for cooperation.

From the political point of view, the joint efforts and reciprocal support in ensuring the assistance of the relevant international and regional organizations, as well as of the friendly nations in peaceful resolution of the conflicts faced by both countries are of great importance and remain in the center of the mutual cooperation as a key condition for ensuring their sustainable development.

In the same vein, considerable incentives for economic cooperation are provided by the Long Term Program of Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which envisages the implementation of a set of steps for further development of mutually beneficial collaboration in industry, transportation, agriculture, communications and informational technologies, and external trade.

During the last years productive economic, commercial, cultural and scientific exchanges have been taking place and are constantly developing. Good ties have been established in agriculture, transportation and other fields. An Azerbaijani company participates in transport infrastructure development in my country and Moldovan specialists share their experience in wine production in Azerbaijan. The economic, commercial, transportation and tourism areas are increasingly receiving attention in the common GUAM activities.

Still, a substantial untapped potential for a more dynamic and deep economic cooperation exists and concrete steps for invigorating and diversifying it are to be further encouraged and supported. The better defining of the mutually beneficial economic, trade and investment priorities would lead to new forms and fields of collaboration, including energy sector, transportation, agriculture, processing and other areas. A decisive role in these processes is to continually be played by the Intergovernmental Joint Commission for Economic and Commercial Cooperation, by organizing and mobilizing reciprocal participation in investments, business forums, trade exhibitions and implementation of concrete economic and commercial projects among other activities. A good perspective for joint actions opens cooperation on participation and implementation of various international and regional programmes and projects, including the energetic and transportation ones, in the framework of the Silk Road, TRACECA, GUAM and Eastern Partnership.

In recent years, a successful cooperation in cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields has also been expanded. Days of Moldovan culture, with participation of the best artists from the country were held in Azerbaijan in 2014 and Days of Azerbaijani culture are to take place in my country. The Azerbaijani artists participate in the traditional international festival "Martişor” organized in the beginning of March every year in Moldova, this spring the holiday being also observed by the Moldovan conationals in Baku, whilst the about five thousand members of the Azerbaijani diaspora celebrate the Novruz holiday in Moldova.

The relevant Moldovan authorities have also supported the joint efforts of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan and the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Moldova in developing and implementing other cultural projects, including the translation and publication of works of the great Azerbaijani poet and philosopher Nizami Ganjavi and the exchanges of painters, photographers and journalists resulting in publishing and exhibiting their works for the public in both countries.

While in the humanitarian sphere exchanges of scientists, students and professionals sharing knowledge and experience in different fields are emerging, the members of the diasporas in both countries study, make research, work and build businesses, thus all of them consistently contributing to the social life and development of the two countries, and to the consolidation of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Moldova.

The fruitful cooperation in all areas in the recent times has laid the foundation for new prospects in deepening and intensifying political dialogue, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation and in solving jointly the concrete issues of reciprocal interest at the regional and international level.

The 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan and of the Republic of Moldova gives us an additional impetus for further multidimensional cooperation and for building harmonious bilateral relations to the mutual benefit and wellbeing of the people of both nations.

I would like to use this occasion to congratulate the people of Azerbaijan on this remarkable anniversary and wish them peace, prosperity and happiness on behalf of the Republic of Moldova.

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