US ambassador to Armenia: Yerevan will have to return occupied territories

2018-10-16 22:20:37

Armenia will have to make compromises with Azerbaijan for resolving the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, US Ambassador Richard Mills said in an interview with the Armenian website EVN Report.

Francophonie summit in Yerevan: official Paris` historic mistake and "fellow countrymen" of Frenchman

2018-10-16 15:42:09

Superpowers pursue independent policies, and every independent country absolutely realizes this. But pursuing an independent policy does not mean that you have to be unjust or biased. But if this "independent policy" is aimed at supporting an aggressor or injustice, then it is very dangerous and poses threat to the whole world. The International Organisation of La Francophonie`s (IOF) holding its 17th summit in Yerevan is not surprising. Armenia is famous for its unstable stance and frequent changes between different geopolitical poles. "Rusophobia" or "Francophonie" does not make much sense for Yerevan. The most important is that the speakers have pro-Armenian attitude. In this regard, the President of France stole the spotlight at the 17th Summit. The impact of his remarks on the global politics will manifest itself in a while. But we think it is necessary to take a close look at some of his views that related to the South Caucasus.

Rob Sobhani: President Ilham Aliyev built bright future for Azerbaijan

2018-10-16 00:27:53

President Ilham Aliyev has built a bright future for Azerbaijan, Rob Sobhani, director general of the Caspian Group Holdings, told Trend.

Erdogan: Turkey to root out 'terror nests' in east of Euphrates

2018-10-12 23:11:02

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey deals major blow to members of terrorist organizations at home

Donald Trump: "We are waiting for answers to our questions from Saudi Arabia"

2018-10-11 23:45:54

Donald Trump on Wednesday demanded Saudi Arabia to provide answers over the disappearance of journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi, who Turkish officials suspect was murdered after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Trump says the Federal Reserve 'has gone crazy'

2018-10-11 12:02:39

After Stock Market Drop, President Trump Says Federal Reserve 'Has Gone Crazy'

Person responsible for Eurasian integration: Why and how does he hope to "destroy" Azerbaijan?

2018-10-08 19:38:07

Not everyone dares to tell the truth. It is useless to expect justice from everyone. For those involved in politics there is a certain political and diplomatic etiquette. But it is not about Konstantin Zatulin, first deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for CIS Issues, European Integration and Work with Fellow Countrymen. Zatulin is also responsible for Eurasian integration. And this person stated that Armenia can "destroy" Azerbaijan. Regardless of who says what in any CIS state, Zatulin`s position demands him to make objective, responsible and well-balanced statements. He must not make ridiculous and unfounded statements such as one CIS member state can "destroy" another. In addition, if this person is responsible for integration issues and relations with Russians living abroad, he must be extremely careful, sensitive and fair. In the light of the aforementioned theses, we would like to analyze some of Zatulin`s statements.

Turkey refuses to borrow loans from International Monetary Fund

2018-10-07 11:53:50

Turkey does not intend to borrow loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) anymore

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Against a background of Russian President`s Baku visit and Dushanbe Summit of CIS

2018-10-04 21:13:43

There is no need to prove how crucial it is to find a solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The whole world realizes this. Unfortunately, the Armenian leaders find it very difficult to understand the significance of settling the dispute in a peaceful manner. Nikol Pashinyan`s government makes controversial statements on the conflict. Against this background, Vladimir Putin`s visit to Baku, which was immediately followed by the summit of the CIS heads of state in Dushanbe, is of particular importance from several points of view. Experts are studying possible connections between vital statements made by the Russian President in the Azerbaijani capital and Pashinyan`s aspiration to speak with Ilham Aliyev in Dushanbe. The Azerbaijani President agreed to talk with the Armenian prime minister, which made the Armenians very happy. They described the fact that President Ilham Aliyev and Pashinyan reached agreement on some issues as a step forward. We would like to look at the current situation in the light of Vladimir Putin`s Baku visit and the summit in Dushanbe.

US withdraws from optional protocol to Vienna Convention

2018-10-04 18:33:14

The United States on Wednesday exited an amendment to the Vienna Convention focused on dispute resolution, National Security Advisor John Bolton said.

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