Government U-turn fails to quell Brazil protests

2013-06-20 18:25:21

Brazilian authorities have failed to halt nationwide protests, despite reversing the public-transport fare increases that sparked the unrest.

Obama in Berlin calls for US-Russia nuclear weapons cuts

2013-06-20 18:21:27

US President Barack Obama has called for greater efforts to be made to reduce US and Russian nuclear arsenals.

New president in Iran: boundaries of foreign policy reforms

2013-06-20 13:56:50

Much of the world`s attention was focused on Iran`s presidential election. The majority of experts believe there will be no radical changes in the country`s foreign policy. However, a representative of which political wing will win the election is very important. And there are concrete reasons behind this. Superpowers are concerned about which political and ideological front will see its representative come to power in Iran...

Political vagabondage and meanness of Serj Sarkisyan

2013-06-18 13:28:24

Armenia's President has never been known for his logical thinking. During his tenure he has failed to produce a comprehensive political course. Therefore, his country, particularly affected by the global geopolitical, financial and economic crisis, is gradually drowning. Meanwhile, Sarkisyan believes that constant accusations against Azerbaijan will get his country out of trouble. This conclusion is substantiated by his recent...

U.S. studying Syria no-fly zone near Jordan border: diplomats

2013-06-14 16:48:17

The United States is studying setting up a limited no-fly zone in Syria close to the southern border with Jordan, two senior Western diplomats in Turkey said on Friday.

What to Expect at Putin-Obama Meeting

2013-06-14 16:15:55

Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Barack Obama will meet privately in Northern Ireland for the first time since they were both returned to office.

EU files WTO complaint over Chinese stainless steel duty

2013-06-14 16:07:07

The European Union lodged a complaint at the World Trade Organization on Thursday against China's imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel tubes, six months after Japan filed a similar case, the WTO said.

Iranians vote in key presidential elections

2013-06-14 12:57:36

Iranians cast their ballots in the country's presidential elections to choose a successor to incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Police violence in the West: new crisis of democracy?

2013-06-14 02:17:14

Number of those displeased by growing social-economic problems is growing in the countries of the European Union. The youth becomes organized, forwarding demands and holding mass rallies. Recently, Germany, UK, Spain and Greece encountered protests. Official reactions followed by acknowledging that the police acted violently. Amazingly, European Union accuses others of condoning police violence. What is the reason?

Striking Greek journalists

2013-06-13 19:42:46

Greek journalists are staging a 24-hour walk out in response to the government shutdown of the public service TV station ERT.

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