Author: Vasif Huseynov

Azerbaijan to re-build the liberated Karabakh

2020-12-17 20:43:35

"Everything is devastated – the infrastructure is destroyed, residential and administrative buildings are demolished", President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan declared in his address to the nation on 1 December, referring to Azerbaijani territories in Karabakh recently liberated from the Armenian occupation.

How did the Second Karabakh War change Armenia and Azerbaijan?

2020-11-19 21:17:44

Between 27 September and 10 November Armenia and Azerbaijan fought the second major war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding districts of Azerbaijan which had been occupied by Armenia in the wake of the First Karabakh War in the early 1990s.

Azerbaijan-Turkey strategic alliance deepens amid recent conflicts

2020-09-24 23:05:42

The relationship between Azerbaijan and Turkey has been on a developing course since the very beginning of the former's post-Soviet independence, and has now arguably reached its hitherto peak. The unequivocal support by Turkish leaders to Azerbaijan amidst the escalation of its conflict with Armenia, the subsequent joint exercises and drills between their armed forces, and frequent mutual visits of high-ranking officials regardless of the pandemic are some of the highlights in the bilateral relations of the two countries in recent months. While the ethnic kinship and cultural proximity constitute the cornerstone of these bonds, these are common interests and security threats that lead the two brotherly nations toward building a strategic alliance.

Another war on the horizon in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict?

2020-09-23 16:45:01

Armenia is "preparing for a new war. They are concentrating their forces near the line of contact… We follow their actions. Of course, we will defend ourselves", said Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev in an interview with local television channels on 19 September. A day after this statement, tensions rose markedly on the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As a result of this escalation, according to the report shared by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan in the morning of 21 September, an Azerbaijani soldier was killed by the armed forces of Armenia in the Tovuz direction on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border. A day before this incidence, the Azerbaijani army downed an Armenian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the country's Defense Ministry announced.

The Populist-Driven Foreign Policy of Armenia is a Call for Regional War

2020-09-07 18:02:14

For classical realists, the interference of masses in shaping foreign policy brought about the disastrous events (e.g. two world wars) of the first half of the twentieth century, and therefore, they advise diplomats to lead public opinion rather than follow it. This premise, which is arguably more applicable in fledgling democracies with immature state institutions, is indeed a two-way street. In some cases, the leader brought to power by popular action or vote tends to make populist moves to satisfy popular demand and raise more electoral support. If replicated in the sphere of the management of foreign policies, this leads to nationalistic and populist maneuvers in foreign policy with a great risk of regional or sometimes even global ramifications.

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