Author: Fuad Chiragov

A Year in Review: Azerbaijan Pursues Internal Reforms and External Multilateralism

2020-01-28 19:08:44

The politics of Azerbaijan were unusually dynamic in 2019, compared to recent years, shifting dramatically between January and December. President Ilham Aliyev notably continued the transformative reforms he began several years earlier. And almost every month, the Azerbaijani leader caught domestic and international observers by surprise by announcing a variety of reforms and new appointments. His actions throughout 2019 have nearly completed the transition of government management to the younger generation. Along with reforms, the economy of Azerbaijan improved according to several international organizations' metrics.

Can Sargsyan's ouster trigger new wave of violence in the South Caucasus?

2018-05-03 23:57:29

On April 23, Armenian PM Serzh Sargsyan resigned after days of mass protests. He was a President for the last ten years and tried to continue to rule his country as a Prime Minister after the constitutional amendments. Some commentators rushed to express their satisfaction and evaluated the resignation of Sargsyan as a triumph of democracy. Yes, in fact, the broken promises, endemic corruption, and the widening gap between the country's haves and the have-nots played a significant role in bursting anger of masses against Sargsyan. At the same time, the view of the events only through the perspective of democracy and will of people ignoring complex dynamics of power-politics inside the political elite, the oligarchic groups and regional politics prior and during Sargsyan's resignation is very simplistic and half-finished approach.

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