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Dear readers, analytical information portal has remained at your service for the past 9 months. At the outset our primary objective was to analyze geopolitical and political processes, including special emphasis on the developments on the international arena. With those on the backdrop our aim was to provide our readers with impartial, objective and substantiated position. We believe to have succeeded.

Sensitive evaluation of the posted online articles by our readers is the recognition. During the past period has gained its position in the ranks of online media outlets. Changing rating charts of the posted articles, attest to the interest of our readers to various topics. This may only be achieved by providing diversity of subjects and ensuring thorough analysis.

Let us admit that the chosen path is rugged. The obstacles on our way may be classified into 3 groups. Firstly, the events and processes have gain perplexity in the wake of the collapse of one of the confronting poles in the XX century. Their intensity has increased. This aggravates the understanding of the essence.

Another obstacle is related with the global information monopoly. There is an abundance of politicians, political scientists, public and political figures utilizing it to best suit their interests. It is with great vigor that the monopolist media outlets frequently propagate insignificant matters, abusing the issue to reach their goals. Revealing the true motives requires delicate analysis. We believe the is advancing on this front.

It is not a secret that sometimes insidious information supply is blunt and obvious. Given the significance of just, impartial and delicate approach to information in the modern times, the danger of the aforementioned trend becomes apparent. Justice must always be upheld. Deriving from this conviction we aim to confront biased information flow.

We wish to underscore yet another dimension of our activity. Large powers are keen to pursue double policies, at times displaying neglect with regards to the interests of even friendly states. This negatively affects international relations and undermines the mutual trust of the nations. Eventually it leads to tensions in the international relations and strengthens the alignment aspirations. Media’s role in exposing such cases and defining their key features is therefore indispensable. is always aware of this aspect.

Finally, we should stress the complex situation that has emanated from controversial and brisk processes in the area of geopolitics, politics, economy and finances in 2012. Objective and comprehensive analysis of those processes is crucial as they are negatively impacting the people’s psychological state and instill fear. True analysis however, brings clarity to the issue and delivers moral comfort. Indeed, every media outlet should take it into account during the professional activity. This problem has seen much attention by the in 2012.

International situation is likely to remain intense in 2013. Thus, an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the processes will retain its urgency. We have defined out targets for the 2013. They constitute a continuation of our 2012 course and we are determined to develop and evolve.

It is clear that large countries of the world are locked in bitter rivalry over various regions of the world. Sometimes armed clashes accompany the developments. The process dubbed the “Arab Spring” entailed many problems. They are related to both regional and global factors. Moreover, as the year is winding down we may recall U.S.-China geopolitical standoff in the Far East. Presumably, those trends would continue to develop in the 2013. Urgency of their analysis is retained.

Another issue that bears global significance is the situation stemming from the financial-economic crisis of 2012. Eurozone faces a tough test. Economies of some of European countries are allegedly on the verge of collapse. This process impacts all the four corners of the world. Deliberations and analysis on rescuing global financial system is likely to be one of the pressing issues in 2013.

In the upcoming year we are going to rivet our attention to domestic social-political, economic and cultural processes. Azerbaijan attains great success throughout all areas. Content and importance of various programs implemented by the country’s leadership will be thoroughly analyzed. Efforts of Azerbaijan aimed towards bolstering intercultural dialogue, religious tolerance, regional integration and peaceful conflict resolution as well as peculiar features of present state building stage will be addressed.

Providing the Azerbaijani reader with necessary content in timely fashion will remain a crucial task. Increasing local media’s attention to this aspect may bring tangible results. Presently, the processes in the neighboring countries are brisk and at times full of paradoxes. Conveying the essence of the processes to the Azerbaijani readers is quite important. People must not be disillusioned, they ought to see the reality. Thus, we will endeavor to provide prompt and in-depth analysis of the developments in the region of our location.

We believe that global investigation of geopolitical, political and economic and other processes will constitute our main task. Relations between the countries have expanded to an extent when a single event may have long reaching implications. Timely acknowledgement of those and dissemination of knowledge among the broader reader audience is crucial. Surely, leading analytic centers must comprehensively address this matter.

In the year 2013 our portal will welcome you with publications that encompass those issues. Similar to 2012 we will do our utmost to study the regional and international processes, and analyze them to produce just and fair conclusions. Once again we wish success to us all in this important endeavor.

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